Halo: The Master Chief Collection's creators apologize for massive day-one update

This day one update will be required to access the multiplayer modes, and considering the number of titles in the collection, an update this big doesn’t come as a big surprise (no pun intended). Still, while updates are usually met with excitement, as they promise new features and are free, when they’re this big they can be annoying.

"Do I understand the inconvenience and annoyance for some users? Of course.” Said 343 Industries co-founder Frank O’Connor. “I'm not going to blow smoke or ignore it. For some folks it will be straight up annoying and I both apologize unreservedly for the [irritation], and hope that the package and the way it works more than makes up for it."

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Neonridr1460d ago

Could be a lot of strain on their servers with everyone trying to D/L a 20GB update all at the same time.

But considering how many games you are getting together and assuming they are only using one Blu ray disc, you had to figure that they would spill over the storage capacity size.

christocolus1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

I totally agree that's a lot of content on one dvd and that 20gig update is huge but i believe MS servers will hold strong also i know some people with really awful internet speeds and some have really low data caps so i was glad to see frank say they would continue looking into other ways to deliver the update to fans.

I love the way 343i is actively engaged with the halo community.its amazing how dedicated they are.

Great job 343i

Eonjay1460d ago

I don't understand why they just don't use higher capacity discs. Doesn't BluRay support 100GB discs?

ThePope1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )


You're referring to the multi layer discs I believe? They may not be economical. Or those deeper layers may read slower.

FarEastOrient1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

So far the multi-layered already tested and sold BD goes to 200GB, the PS3 has been using the dual layered 50GB since Metal Gear 4.

Neonridr1460d ago

@Eonjay - they could, but the question is do both the PS4 and Xbox One support BDXL discs?

Septic1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

Im on holiday when this is out so I sjould be sorted when I come back. Luckily for me I have fibre optic broadband but what about others who dont? A massive headache for those folks unfortunately.

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Farmassy1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

yeah. I predownloaded the game so that I can start up quick... but now there is another 20 gigs to download so it kind of defeats the purpose

doesn't change how excited I am for it though

OMGitzThatGuy1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

I'm sure the update was included in the download that's why it was 65gb

Edit: wait..maybe not

Rocky51460d ago

A couple days before release, leave your XB1 in low power mode & it will install the update prior to release.

So come 00:01 on the 11th you will be able to play everything included in the release.

Farmassy1460d ago


good idea! I have it conserving power right now but I will definitely change it for the release

I think my download was 45 gigs. I went ahead and downloaded it the first day it was available so I don't know if it has changed. I am so excited for this game and I new I wanted a digital copy because I will never sell it back

Crazay1460d ago

I'm getting the game for free but an additional 20gb on my paltry 5mb wimax connection with a shittacular 100gb data cap is going to hurt. Big time.

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Droidbro1460d ago

There actually won't be as big a surge as you think. The game is currently available for predownload now so the midnight downloads will be from buyers of the disc and smaller than it would otherwise be.

Spenok1460d ago

It's not like these are new. Though 20GB is quite a lot for a day one. However, it is 5 games in one right?

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Daz1460d ago

The replay value in this pack so im not bothered by it.

aviator1891460d ago

It's a TON of content, so doesn't irk me.

mhunterjr1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

I'm not sure why people are complaining, or why there needs to be an apology. It's a massive collection. MASSIVE. is anyone surprised it didn't fit in a single disc?

Also, making its release date is also important, considering its an anniversary title. So I'm not surprised that they needed to start pressing the discs before all of the content is finalized...

I suppose they could have cut 20gb worth of content...everyone would have been happy then, right?

I'm gonna have all 65GB preloaded before it even drops.

scottieleverne1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

It would fit on a PS4 disc, as they can hold 200 gigs compared to the XBone's 50gb. Look it up. This was a problem for Halo 4 so they shipped a second disc for a one-time install for the multiplayer.

elazz1460d ago

Well, not for commercial use. It is still expensive. Though at the end of this year commercial 100gb+ BD discs will be available for 4k media and games.

marlinfan101460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )


give proof instead of telling people to look it up

divinealpha1460d ago

your already wrong , halo 4 was not for the xbox one at the time , the xbox one wasn't even out yet , xbox 360 disc couldn't hold 50gb which is why there were two disk but as far as xbox one there are no two disc games. , so your sentence doesn't even make sense.

LAWSON721460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

Lol, you know the PS4 as of now does not support BDXL (100+GB discs) right?
Oh here is a source,
"The formats not supported are Blu-ray 3D, BD-R/RE XL and BD-RE ver.1.0"

I am not educated in BD, however if XL is not supported there is only support for 25GB per layer hence probably a 50GB dual layer max as well

mhunterjr1460d ago

I did look it up... Turns out you are spewing BS..

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RosweeSon1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

No wonder people are needing TB hard drives if they are happy to have this collection installed what around 60Gb+ all in, each to their own but if I was gonna grab it disc all the way, easily 30/40gb saved off my hard drive and being as this is a collectors edition or one for the fans Defo would be grabbing it on disc rather than just sat on my hard drive, I heard shops deliver these days ;). Either way enjoy the game when it launches. .... As for all this dual layered lark think sony started back around the original GTA days not sure about number 3 but pretty certain either vice City or San andreas were on dual layered. DVDs at the time.

mhunterjr1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

Since the launch of the ps3, yes ps3, all blu-ray games are completely installed to the hard drive. So buying the disc isn't going to save you any hard drive space... it's just going to make you wait until day 1 to install your 45gb disk and then even longer to download and install the patch...

gangsta_red1460d ago

Time to grab that 2TB external HD I saw at Best Buy for sale the other day!

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