Top Five Sexiest Female Video Game Characters

From the article - These woman only dominate their adversaries but they look good while they do it, showing that you can be dazzling and kick-ass at the same time

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NukaCola3504d ago

Sexiness is an appeal that someone has. Bayonetta is the definition of that, but the rest don't even fit that. Miranda in tight pants and british accent isn't a good enough reason. Where is Lara Croft, Chloe from Uncharted, Ivy from Soul Caliber?

Darkwatchman3504d ago

Miranda Lawson with that perfect butt and nice boobs is most definitely what I call sex appeal

BiggerBoss3503d ago

A sexiness list without Chloe is not a complete list lol;)

Spenok3503d ago

Yeah they definitely left out a few, and added some that weren't necessary. Not that they don't have sex appeal, but that there are better choices. Case in point Chloe xD

PurpHerbison3503d ago

Ivy from Soul Caliber? That looks like a man dressed up as a female.

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DialgaMarine3503d ago

Seriously, no Chloe from Uncharted? Are you kidding?

ScottyHoss3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

"admit it. You're going to miss this @ss"
Yes. Yes they did. :(

KingKevo3503d ago

I'm usually not into such lists and prefer female characters who are who they are and if they are sexy and have a reason for it, I'm cool with it, like in Bayonetta, but just sexy to be be sexy is shit.

Another cool female character that was always 'sexy' and kind of mysterious and played with her appearance was Ada Wong who I loved in RE4: http://goo.gl/NxpRWi

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Spenok50d ago

Still the best in the series.


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shinoff218351d ago

I'd love to but square said fk you to the ps fanbase that wanted these physically. Meanwhile switch got a physical release.

Asplundh51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

I'd buy it for the Switch but a NA copy runs for $800.


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gold_drake52d ago

Cid in rebirth .. dammmn so hot ha

Knightofelemia52d ago

I always go Yuna, Aerith, Rikku, Rinoa, and for some reason Vanilla, Ashe, Cindy, Lunafreya, Quistis