Prices for classic Grand Theft Auto digital games on PS3 dropped by Amazon in sale

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ($3.99), Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories ($2.49) and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories ($4.99) for the PlayStation 3 (digital download) are currently on sale.

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optimus1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

Shame it's only for PlayStation. I never played San Andreas so I would have picked that up if it was for the 360 since I haven't owned a PlayStation since the PS1

CerealKiller1459d ago

It used to be available for download for 360 but you can still buy a original xbox copy online and play it on your 360.

optimus1459d ago

Maybe so, but not at that price....

Sidenote- why would people disagree with me not having played it or that I haven't owned a PlayStation in decades??