PlayStation LifeStyle: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Review – High Caliber Low Gravity

"Playing as Claptrap is hilarious and never gets too annoying, low gravity adds a whole new facet, and the story of Jack’s rise to Handsome Jack is a dark yet hilarious narrative that was definitely worth telling. Future plans for expansions and characters indicate that we’ll see that same kind of support for The Pre-Sequel that we saw for both of the original games, which is great news for anybody simply wanting more. The Pre-Sequel isn’t a bad game, but it certainly isn’t a game changer. For a Borderlands fan, The Pre-Sequel is really a no-brainer, but don’t expect anything massively new or innovative outside of the small tweaks. Instead, enjoy a bit (read: a lot) more Borderlands until Gearbox can show us what the series will become on the new generation of consoles. "

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TrendyGamers1676d ago

I'm holding out hope for a PS4 version with all DLC next year.

Wedge191676d ago

Awesome game, even if it is just more Borderlands.

JonnyBigBoss1676d ago

Borderlands is one of the more enjoyable co-op games this year IMO.

knifefight1676d ago

A game about what happened between 1 & 2, told as a flashback by the characters alive after 2. Sold.