Throwdown Your Questions Ep. 07

The Koalition's Tony Polanco writes:

"On this episode we answer a range of questions, some of which include:

*Do you guys think couch co-op will ever make a comeback?
*What was the first thing you ever killed in a video game?
*What is your very first memory of PlayStation and what are some of your favorite memories of the PlayStation brand?
*Do you think Final Fantasy XV will be a dumbed down experience because it is no longer turned based?
*What are some features for PS4 that you want to be included that are not in 2.0?"

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Profexxion1677d ago

Don't bash FFVIII. I'll come for you.

otherZinc1676d ago

Couch Co-op has been around since the 80s & XBOX has taken over since 2001 and Halo:CE.

XBOX hasn't stopped since and Halo Master Chief Collection will be here November 11th.

The problem with some & Couch
Co-op is Sony can't do it...or the games that are Couch Co-op aren't good or limited.

Profexxion1676d ago

Why is this in response to what I've said?

Romudeth1676d ago

And I'll slap it in its emo, time travelling face!

Profexxion1675d ago

Fighting words bro. Figh. Ting. Words.

HisRoyalFlyness1677d ago

Finally another person who liked Dragons Dogma.
Another great show guys, wish more people who ask movie questions

caseh1676d ago

I wouldn't say that. Anyone I've ever see mention it has only ever had great things to say about it.

SwiffEpics1677d ago

I need to throwdown a PC related question.

rbailey1677d ago

Awesome show as always and I agree Final Fantasy 8 is overrated.