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Thomas Ellis of Gamer Attitude shares his thoughts on The Evil Within.

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DarkOcelet1677d ago

This is the worst review i have read . So you are hilariously unequipped and underpowered and thats a bad thing ? Thats add to the tension and having low bullets makes you think twice before making an encounter and thats what every horror fan wanted . Scarce Ammo . Check , Tense and Creepy atmosphere . Check . Amazing Locations . Check . Tough game . Check . What more do you want ?

tombfan1677d ago

And it IS scary, you jump a lot in the game, and the athmosphere is amazing and it changes sooo fast you are always wondering what the fuck is going on.

DarkOcelet1677d ago

Seriously my friend its a shame gamers have been spoiled by those extremely easy casual games they have been fed . I am really glad games like Dark Souls and The Evil Within exists . To remind the gamers of the real fun in the challenging games . You really feel like you achieved something awesome . And you rarely get that in games these days .

thereapersson1677d ago

I've felt fear more than a few times in the game. Your character can only run so fast and trying to escape from the Chainsaw wielding freakazoid keeps your heart racing.

camel_toad1677d ago

Yeh most of the scares for me have been (especially in chapter 4) sneaking up for a stealth kill only to have them turn around and spot me when Im just about to get the kill - then running my balls off to hide under a bed while they search for me.

I really dont understand all the hate towards this game. Its exactly what made Resident 4 and the earlier games so great. Give people what theyve been asking for and they still bitch.

thereapersson1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

It's got plenty of stealth gameplay and all the old RE tropes and conventions that give the game a retro feel. This game is not a terrible game - it's just got some flaws. Then again, all the old RE games had their share of flaws but were enjoyable as a whole.

I'm enjoying my time spent with the title thus far and consider it a worthy addition to my gaming collection. It doesn't hurt that I traded in AC: Black Flag and used a Gamestop gift card to bring the total purchase price down to 35 bucks after tax.

On an unrelated note, I just bought Wolfenstein: The New Order on Amazon for 30 dollars, which will be here on Wednesday. I have plenty of gaming fun lined up for me this week!

In summation: TL;DR, cool story bro, etc.

camel_toad1677d ago


That Wolfenstein is a great purchase. I didnt expect much but it turned out to be an excellent single player experience in a world filled with half-assed fps single player campaigns.

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TheOpenWorlder1677d ago

I disagree - it doesn't add to the tension just because you are given 1 ammo in a sea of enemies. Sorry but you're a ridiculous fanboy for this game. Only sissies who love jump scares are scared of this.

Muzikguy1677d ago

It is a lame review. It's almost as of these people reviewing don't understand survival or horror and then review it based on something it isn't. Oh wait, that happens all the time!

I love this game and I plan on playing more of it tonight after work. It's all that I was hoping for

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Smartphone gamers are now trying to call themselves gamers and now they're writing reviews.

They don't even understand that trying to include games like candy crush in the same category as a game such as minecraft, is like trying to compare those old handheld computer football games to playing Madden 2015. It's not the same. Casual gaming isn't even closely related to hardcore gaming. It's like night and day. Casual gamers usually quit when facing difficult bosses, puzzles, and other in-game obstacles designed to impede your progress. Hardcore gamers, die and repeat. Rinse, die, and repeat again until we win. We don't let machines and A.I. get the best of us because we know that the A.I. isn't as smart as we are. Reading articles like this just let's you know the difference between a casual gamer and hardcore gamers.

CocoWolfie1677d ago

one of the flaws for me is you never feel in danger half of the time.

DarkLord10031677d ago

Thank you for telling me what's scary and what is not.. Ans here I am.. My stupid self who thought I could figure out myself if the game is scary..

And then the whole underequipped thing.. I swear games are way too easy nowadays. What would people like the reviewer would have played 15 or 20 years ago? Nothing... They would have been too frustrated with the games back then.

Plus if you bitch around that games are too difficult but you are a reviewer and want to finish the game rather quickley because you want to do other things you might need to rethink your carreer choices

DefenderOfDoom21677d ago

Knowing that there is a good chance you can die, is both scary and fun !

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