Ubisoft Details Far Cry 4 Season Pass

Only one more month and we would be able to play Ubisoft’s masterpiece, Far Cry 4. Those of you who wish to explore Kyrat island a little more would be very happy to hear that Ubisoft has finally spilled the beans on the season pass.

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yarbie10001459d ago

I don't buy passes or pay for DLC before playing a game.

vishmarx1459d ago

pvp being dlc is one thing
but DLC YETI???!!?

gtfo ubi

fallacious1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

Yeah, totally expected yetis to be something already available in-game without DLCs, I mean the setting is in the Himalayas for god's sake. Goddamn Ubisoft, they're just making the worst decisions recently.

Rick_Ross_Boss1459d ago

I don't agree with companies detailing DLC before a game is finished. They should put everything into the game and when after it goes gold they think off something, then add some DLC.

fudgenasty211459d ago

this is one of the worst seasons passes I've ever seen. mostly shit content thats already completed.

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