DriveClub Gameplay: The Servers Are Up

8BitChimp says, "It’s monday so we’re here to bring you another video. The DriveClub servers were up over the weekend so I went ahead and captured some gameplay of me playing some multiplayer! I don’t do so well, but I tried, right?"

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Applejack3032d ago

I've actually been able to play more online races when I tried yesterday so hopefully this because more widespread. The multiplayer / connective aspect is what makes this game for me.

Noahmtodd3032d ago

Yeah, I really enjoyed the multiplayer races. They're great.

SniperControl3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

Online is a blast, loving it at the moment.

Just wish there was a way to mute people, there are some right b3llends on there. A guy was having a chat with his missis about grocery shopping the other day.

andibandit3031d ago

Seriously, that atleast isnt trying to be irritating on purpose

Caffo013031d ago

there is a way, in the lobby just push x on the player and there is the option to mute him.

jhoward5853032d ago

Agreed, where is the ps+ version of DC? lately there has been no talk about the plus version.

joel_c173031d ago

Not sure why you are getting disagrees? Where the hell is the psn+ version?

Stick893031d ago

Getting disagree's because the dev has said time and time again that they will release the PS+ version as soon as the servers are stable for those that bought the game.

Soldierone3031d ago

If all else fails, Redbox has it if you just want to try it.

I agree though, pretty BS no PS+ yet.

Ultibreaker3031d ago

The PS+ version is coming in a few weeks. Don't quote me on it. The reason I'm saying this is because I follow DC news pretty frequently seeing how I play this game a lot. If you want the latest DC news on what's going on follow Rushy on Twitter and DRIVECLUB on Facebook.

Anyways, the PS+ version was delayed because of the server issues they were having. Makes no sense to advertise a broken game. Which to me is what the PS+ is going to do for DRIVECLUB. It's free and it gives you a taste on what the game is all about. The reason I said a few weeks is because so far the online connectivity been stable. They are making hour by the hour updates to the servers (being more servers and server updates so that they run smoother).

Now I know a lot of you are complaining on the whole year delay and still this fiasco, I completely understand. To be honest Im taking advantage of the online being sort of down. I don't understand why people feel that jumping in a Multiplayer game in a racing game (Day 1) is ideal. The Cluster F***ck in the first few corners playing online (because you don't know the track) is annoying. Granted this game has 55 tracks, and believe me, this is a first in any racing game where I can say, if you play the a track at 12pm clear skies and then play that same track at 6pm sunset with stormy conditions (depending on location), you'll have a complete different experience. It takes a while to master the tracks with all those variables. All so you can actually race in multiplayer an not hit every corner or ram into everyone like if you playing Mario Kart

jhoward5853031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

Don't believe everything rev/sony say on twitter. The update aren't working enough to get everyone connected on to their server.

What I think is really happening is Rev/Sony are trying to optimize their out-dated servers. Its old tech that need to be replaced.

I willing the bet this is going to take 2 months or more to fix the server issue.

Ultibreaker3031d ago

If you go on the DRIVECLUB Facebook page you'll see it says "The Majority". It doesn't say EVERYONE. When the servers were down a lot of people weren't even able to connect at all to the servers. And you keep say Rev/Sony...What is Rev? Are you implying Revolution as in the studio? If so its not revolution it's Evolution Studio. There's issues at the moment connecting to multiplayer and the leaderboards. But just like the connectivity issue, it'll get sorted out in due time. It's a racing game, jump back on it whenever things are working 100%, no biggie.

I totally agree with Sony servers being old. They said they are doing a server update to clear some room for the 2.0 update. Let's see, PSN is always going down on some BS

jhoward5853031d ago

I really hope so...

Dang, I don't know why i keep saying revolution. so, thank you for pointing that out me. its evolution lol.

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jhoward5853031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

Its time to boycott revolution/Sony for not "keeping thier end of the bargain" Giving us DC + was part of joining PSN plus is it not???

CoTton_MoUtH3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

After being kicked consistently from lobbies I was able to play but I made a quick video of how the game look and what you people screaming for a game that's completely incomplete looks like if you watch closely you can see how one gamer actually ghosts through the whole race and how I'm not penalized for ramming other players nonintentionally

Excuse the image quality It a quick video with my tablet while I had my headsets on

Ultibreaker3031d ago

2 weeks ago you weren't even unable to create/join a club because you couldn't connect to the servers. Today at least as soon as you jump in the game, you can connect online. Meaning there's some progress being made. Yeah it sucks that everything is not working as it should for a released game. All these issues are being presented to the devs, the ramming issues, the constant drop from multiplayer. They are working on all of them. Will it all get sorted by tomorrow? NO.

Look at the Last Guardian, shit been on development for like 7+ years, guess what...when it drops people will still by the shit out of that game. Evo is a prestigious Developing crew. The issue was unforeseen cut them a break. The game is ridiculously addictive. Handles great, graphics are great, and the support for the game is going to be like no other. New content every month for a whole year. Yeah the car selection isnt 1000+ but let's be honest, how many cars did you play with in GT or FORZA? Grab a car that you like, learn the tracks (which will take some time), and chill

andibandit3031d ago

"The issue was unforeseen cut them a break"


CoTton_MoUtH3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

So if your taking a test and you only answer half the questions thats OK for you huh?

WitWolfy3031d ago

Yeah MP is fun.. But the cars still handle like crap.

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