Far Cry 4 PlayStation exclusive 'Keys to Kryat' offer 'unlimited sessions'

Ubisoft Massive clarifies details about the two hour free gameplay time for those who have one of the Kryat keys.

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Applejack1457d ago

This headline is misleading, you can split up the 2 hour session for each player but it can't exceed 2 hours.

jonnyvito1457d ago

It's two hours per key.

Applejack1457d ago

You're right but as I said, you can only have 2 hours per key and it can be split up for different session like playing for an hour twice or half an hour four times.

jonnyvito1457d ago

That's what the article says. Sorry, I might be misunderstanding about what's misleading as it's not intentional.

BiggerBoss1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

I think what he means is that it makes it sound like you can have an unlimited amount of two hour sessions

Edit: nevermind didnt see your second post

jonnyvito1457d ago

Ah hang on. I get you. Unlimited Sessions makes it sound like it's never ending. Apologies!

Spenok1457d ago

Horribly misleading. 2 Hours tops per key. You can just split those 2 hours into however many sessions. It could be 120 1 minute sessions, or, like the article says, one 1 hour long session, and three 20 minute sessions afterwards.

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KrisButtar1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

Umm is this like a 2 hour demo for friends or can We use the "2 hours" thing each day with the same friend because they only talk about a single 2 hour period.

WeAreLegion1457d ago

Just release a freaking timed demo.

die_fiend1457d ago

Well given their way of doing things is way better than your suggestion, I'll have to say NO

WeAreLegion1457d ago

Why is their way better? Why can't they just do a timed demo? Just Cause 2 had a timed demo and it was glorious.