Are Definitive Editions and Collections Bringing About Another Dark Age of Gaming?

"I’m getting worried again.

Games are being re-released at quite an alarming rate. At first, I was fine with that – enthusiastic, even. God of War deserved to be repackaged in beautiful widescreen on PS3. As did Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, two of the most important of all time. About a year after that came the God of War: Origins Collection. Which makes sense, I guess… Just because no one bought a PSP doesn’t mean that everyone should miss out on some of its best titles.

Less than a year later, The God of War Saga was released, with five games on one blu ray disc, four of which were included in the previous collections. And that’s just one example; in the two years between the first God of War Collection and The God of War Saga, 20 different collections and HD rereleases were made on Sony consoles alone."

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Applejack1457d ago

As long as there's a market for remasters, companies will continue to make them. Also, as said in the article, there are people who missed out on ps3 exclusives (or 360 depending on the transition) so it give those players a chance to experience those games.