Shadow of Mordor Photo Mode is Brutal and Brilliant

Christopher Buffa (Prima Games): WB Games’ Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is one of the best video games of 2014, partly because of its extreme violence. Within minutes, players will slit Uruk throats, decapitate the creatures, snap their necks and repeatedly stab them in their guts, with globs of dark blood flying all over the place. It was extremely satisfying when the game debuted a month ago, and now it’s even better with the new photo mode.

At almost any point in the game, simply click in L3 to pause the game and access Photo Mode; you will need to toggle this feature on or off in the Options menu. From there, you’re free to zoom, add filters and make other tweaks to improve your snapshots.

Naturally, we prefer to press L3 just as hero Talion is in the middle of a nasty execution, and while we’re nowhere near as talented as other players, here are a few pictures we took in this delightfully vicious adventure.

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Spenok1674d ago

Honestly Photo mode should be added to any game. It would make for some amazing Wallpapers like we have already seen with TLoU and this game. Soon to be Super Smash Bros too.

ramiuk11674d ago

defo,didnt know it was in mordor.
on another noi will be so happy if with themes we can make our own using the studio and have them as backdrops using the photos we have taken in games