The Division takes 'full advantage' of PS4, 'it's an amazing machine,' says Ubisoft Massive

Ubisoft Massive praises PS4, though says that there's still more they can do with the graphics in future games.

Applejack3553d ago

"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me" I'm sure people will enjoy this game when it releases but ever since their Watch Dogs debacle, I have to see it to believe it.

hkgamer3553d ago

this game does look interesting. im sure it would be fun and people will enjoy it on whatever platform.

ubisoft is getting a lot of crap from any PR they are doing and its probably best if they lay low for a while. i know they have lots of different teams and stuff but with all these parity rumors with watch dogs pc version and the latest ac unity thing its best they not talk about which version is getting pushed to its limits.

vishmarx3553d ago

the damage control from ubisoft is hilarious

HaveSumNuts3553d ago

"We decided to lock the specs to avoid debates and stuff". That's all I hear when I hear Ubisoft PR.

donthate3553d ago

Why are people so concerned about graphics. I would worry more about the game mechanics and so on.

Kingthrash3603553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

Because some care about graphics....some care about gameplay ...some care about content.
Its the way it is.
It's neither good nor bad.
We as customers should expect the BEST our money can buy...but the word "best" could mean different things to different people.

That said IMO parity is bs ...simply because I bought the most powerful CONSOLE to have the definitive CONSOLE VERSIONS on 3rd party games.....ubisoft straight up said they gimped the ps4 version and that's bs.
Protip I capitalize "consoles" for thos PC guys out there who are gunna say "get a pc for the best versions"... I can't afford a PC that runs the best version of games.

FriedGoat3553d ago

If people didn't care about graphics we'd still be playing on the zx spectrum.

Major_Glitch3553d ago

Graphics? Gameplay? How about both? You can have both you know? The two are not mutually exclusive.

mikeslemonade3553d ago

It's gonna get the "watchdogs" treatmeant. My expectations have been lower for this game since E3 2014

Kumomeme3553d ago

because ubisoft promise the graphic since the PR
and the graphic is one of things attracted fans
and ubisoft frequently use the graphics to get hype

ubisoft shock audience with stunning graphics just for advertising

for watch dog,it would'n be issue if the PR show exactly same as shipped

but for previous game,watch dog,fc3,fans got tricked by their 'marketing strategy'

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Gazondaily3553d ago

Yeah the Watch Dogs downgrade has left a bitter taste in my mouth concerning all things Ubisoft and 'gameplay footage' that they show.

I'm confident about Rainbow Six though. Saw some competitive footage being streamed on Twitch and it looked decent.

bouzebbal3553d ago

in fact, they've been downgrading their games for a long time now. WD was just a wake up call among gamers who finally realize these scam practices.

hkgamer3553d ago

r6 seige(?) does look great though. may build a pc just for this game.

OC_MurphysLaw3553d ago

@Septic Yeah, the downgrade was there but honestly I was more disappointed by the game itself vs the visuals. Watch Dogs had lots of potential but ultimately handcuffed mechanics wise by being a cross gen game... as has been the case for most of what we have seen thats "cross gen".

s1lentone3553d ago

News flash ubisoft is downgrading all platforms including pc. Do a quick search and see the truth.

AndrewLB3553d ago

If you guy think Ubisoft is the only company showing off a game at one quality and clearly downgrading it's graphics for the final build, i got some cold hard facts for you.

You know "Naughty Dog"? Well they've done it for years.





There are many others who do the same and it's simply unacceptable.

extermin8or3553d ago

Watch dogs is such a weird one though, look at the ps4 footage they had and were peddling at game shows and stuff as late as last October. Then look at what was released. So much changed not to mention there's a conference event for Sony they did somewhere which CLEARLY shows the guy shooting whilst driving.... Wtf why, WHY would you take that out, it shows more dynamicness to police chases-i knew it was too good to be true maybe in the sequel they'll fix the issues...

Rhythmattic3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )


Same old Misterx post ay?

Getting boring ..

And for what its worth, UC still looked better than most 360 exclusives.

Army_of_Darkness3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )


Have you even played the uncharted series?? They all look and play amazing and are graphically better than most AAA games out even with those minor downgrades.. Trying to downplay naughty dog... Lol! Get that sh#t outta here!

Kumomeme3553d ago

somebody never play naughtydog games
somebody might be never watch their PR
somebody doesnt know anythings

poor @andrew

OB1Biker3553d ago

@ANDREW its probably bad trolling but its kinda funny to think you could actually believe that crap :)
A while ago I found a pic showing how good Drake looked on PC and how crap it looked on PS3 comparison and that was so funny XD

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Dirtnapstor3553d ago

Remember, Ubi has multiple developers under their umbrella. Just because it says "Ubi", not all faces will be the same.

Th4Freak3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

In EA and Ubisoft, studios aren't in charge of their projects, they have to meet their demands not ours, so it doesn't matter how many great devs they have as far the funding company are greedy pigs.

Dirtnapstor3553d ago

Well, at the very least, hopefully Ubi is paying attention to what has transgressed so far. I'm sure they are, after all their goal is to make money. I understand the "greedy pigs" comment, but Ubi works for Ubi, not the general public. We want a supreme experience in gaming but then complain when it costs money....?
Yes the companies milk it and take advantage (broad statement). Especially if it's a game we don't like or have zero interest in.
Sometimes I think people really don't understand the value of a dollar.

Th4Freak3553d ago

**:> "Ubi works for Ubi, not the general public."

And thats the problem, they've got so greedy that they forgot that they work for the gamers, WE are the ones who buy their products, without us they wouldn't even exist so they do work for us but games are way too lazy to make demands and stand for them, instead you see people saying "I don't want any drama, I only care about games".

Now, every single business entity goal is to make a profit however there must be a limit on how these profits are done, I find digusting how Activision milked Guitar Hero to death and other comapanies are doing the same like Capcom with RE.

Again, its totally understandable and logical that they want to make money because they NEED it in order to survive and develop new projects but they should do it in a rational way.

**:> "We want a supreme experience in gaming but then complain when it costs money....?"

What are you talking about? Other than sensationalist websites looking for hits I haven't seen people complaining about the video game prices.

Blaze9293553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

Even if Ubisoft wasn't lying about taking advantage of the machine, they've been doing nothing but ruining Tom Clancy games since Splinter Cell Conviction.

So we got a lot to worry about. It being downgraded, taking advantage of specific platform hardware, and overall - it being a GOOD Tom Clancy game on TOP of being a GOOD game period.

hkgamer3553d ago

spkinter cell conviction? think tom clancy games were mainly r6, any other just seemed like them using his name.

never read any of his books though so never really understood why they bother using his name anymore.

Syntax-Error3553d ago

Complain much? Blacklist was actually the best in the series, so I know you never played it. You're just looking for a reason to complain like most nerds do. Rainbow Six has always sold and Ghost Recon had some good ideas, but the execution wasn't top notch. Not too many games can hit gold every time.