AE Games Are Now Officially Wii U Developers, Here’s A Trailer For Mad Men Football

"AE Games, the development studio that came out of nowhere and pledged support for the Wii U, have released a trailer for their forthcoming Wii U game, Mad Men Football. The developer has also revealed on the official blog that they’re now officially licensed Wii U developers."

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Metallox1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

Come on, Nintendo...

But, anyway, I kinda accept the idea. They could make parodies of every NFL team, because they already have taken the name of Madden.

marloc_x1672d ago

Gonna enjoy seeing where this goes..Lol!

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Kevlar0091672d ago

I have a feeling AE is a troll developer, the kind you see on Steam with terrible early access games. As long as they don't make themselves out to be good without anything to show for it, I think this is all in good fun.

R00bot1672d ago

Haha true it looks like it was made in Gary's Mod.

Sarobi1672d ago

Isn't AE basically just one guy? I could of sworn I read that somewhere.

Macdaddy711672d ago

I see now it's time to sell the wii u,..if this is the only kind of crap games Nintendo can get to come to the system I'm bout done, that's me!!! I'm sure they need to it to add to the kiddi system, just not me..3rd party is all but dead on the wii u

Metallox1672d ago

And Bayonetta 2 launches on Friday. Dude, why?

ChickeyCantor1672d ago

Implying you bought all those kids game on the Ps2? Of course you didn't. You're laughable.

RadioActiveTwinky1672d ago

This is either one of the best things or worse things to happen with Nintendo.
on one hand your 3rd party support is dropped, but can be made up with supporting the smaller hungrier devs.
It's as if Nintendo is going through the whole video game crash on its own. Starting from scratch since it lost the major studios.
It could be worse because it's a huge risk they will be taking. I mean huge, but it's of set again would be the success of the potential. It's not like they have much of a choice really. I for one will look forward to watching this unfold. I am still a proud owner of a WiiU. It's potential hasn't even been tapped if you ask me. The gamepad has extremely high potential. Only limit is its proximity sadly.

N4g_null1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

Very interesting points. Another is nope they all are going thur a crash.

Japan's blockbuster are no where to be found almost even on ps4 and xbone. Ubisoft and a few other developers are in the process of releasing a string of mediocre games so far. I mean the wiiu launch games sold ok but the ratings where at least on par with what was expected. So far the gaming majority is betting on the same 3rd party were major studios have bowed out or some how falter.

It seems lots of talent has been lost from the development pool across the board yet the AAA title only have better graphics and glitchy gameplay and or boring game play. The problem is most indies can't afford those graphics yet the other shoes is going to drop when gamers are feed up with pretty boring game play. Or just mediocre hype machines. I'm not going to support mediocrity on the wiiu ethier.

It is arguably that nintendo has the most studios that are not going thur hd fatigue. I see a lot of sales and a lot of complaints these days. Then I see these high selling games get pretty bad reviews.

There was one other console that did this. It was the 3do. Crazy hype yet no one bit. What is dangerous is we are about to see that our triple A games are just prettier versions of indies efforts.

I hope for this guy's sake he isn't showing his skill level. Another thing I'm noticing is these trailers are horrible lol. Interesting concepts and brave even. Yet everyone has to have horrible first then comes the good games.

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