GTA 5 news: no beta on PC, but lots of new music

Recently, the post, concerning the GTA 5 beta on PC has appeared on the official Rockstar Games’ site, and some fresh rumors about new music that will be added to GTA 5 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One have been told.

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IxWoodstockxI1458d ago

Yes that is the only thing i didnt like of GTA V the radio stations were boring and had bad music.

OculusRift1458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

It seems that Rock* chose "popular" western US music almost exclusively to give GTAV a more authentic feel.

shammgod1458d ago

completely agree, the radio stations were definitely lacking.

I liked the overall musical score of the game(mission music, etc).

porkChop1458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

I thought that Los Santos Rock Radio was pretty good music-wise. There were only a couple songs that I felt didn't suit the game. (Robert Plant's "Big Log"? Are you serious R*? Just go Led Zep next time.)

The one thing that really bothered me audio-wise is that radio stations and the original score used the same audio slider. I want to just turn off the score and keep the radio, but I can't. It sucks in matches because I can't hear people walking around me.

ArtificiallyYours1458d ago

I admit there were a few pop hits in GTA V I liked, and the Techno/Electro station fit the mood perfectly.

Travis37081458d ago

I hated the music in GTA5, IMO GTA4 music and radio stations were better!

FlyingFoxy1458d ago

I don't think much can beat the music of Vice City, Vice City Stories and San Andreas.

porkChop1458d ago

"As Pitchfork journalists affirm, there will be an exclusive track from Doom game series"

Uh, what? Why would there be a track from the DOOM games in GTA V? Seems a bit odd lol.

Mr Tretton1458d ago

I'd rather have it than the typical pop I don't like crap that is likely in there. Dunno haven't played V yet.

TXIDarkAvenger1458d ago

Only liked West Coast Classics.

If they had a similar soundtrack to GTA SA that would pretty good. I don't even like country but K-Rose was some funny shit.

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The story is too old to be commented.