Dying Light Has A Tasty Competitive Side | Worlds Factory

"We explored the coop challenges and PvP mode of Dying Light, which add an interesting spice to the zombie action of Techland's game."

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Aurenar1463d ago

It all sounds very interesting. I am very curious to try this game.

Alexious1463d ago

Indeed, I can't wait to finally play it. Though what I really hope for is a zombie MMO done right.

kaiserfranz1463d ago

This game looks really cool. I don't get those who are tired of zombies, I could never get tired of them, they're just too damn fun

LavaLampGoo1462d ago

Ahh invasions. The new multiplayer mode that everyone is getting on board with. I love it, hope to see more

CorndogBurglar1462d ago

Canf wait for this game. Dead Island was fun, but had its issues. This looks like a better Dead Island.

Alexious1462d ago

Yes, that's the gist of it. It's an improved Dead Island, which means it could be awesome!