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While the Forza Motorsport series aims to capture the hearts of sim fans, Horizon is aimed at the gamer/petrolhead looking for more casual fun in cars. Nick de Bruyne from Pennyworth Reviews gives his opinion on the game he is calling "Skyrim for Cars".


Apologies: Title should read 'Forza Horizon 2'. Platform: Xbox One

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Jdoki1680d ago

4.3 out of 5! What a fail. I ONLY buy games that score 4.5 out of 5 or higher! That 0.2 extra makes ALL the difference!


On topic. I bought this game after seeing so many rabid comments from N4G'ers saying it was excellent. And they were right, it is very good. I still don't like the DLC model they use, but the driving is a lot of fun. And the Kinect integration for the Sat Nav is brilliant and useful.

Ognipode1680d ago

Haha yeah, that's as a result of the score taken as an average of the other review categories.

The game is fantastic fun though. I'm a petrolhead and a big Forza fan but I actually found myself getting bored of Horizon 1 and didn't even finish it. This however has me so hooked, the way the championship/road trip system keeps things moving along prevents it from stagnating and also allows you to enjoy both the racing AND driving elements. Great game.

Jdoki1680d ago


I much prefer it to Forza 5. Never played Horizon 1 though - but the festival idea in Horizon 2 is very good.