5 Games the 360 Needs

Alex Yusupov from writes:

"Imagine a uni-consular (new word I decided to create just now) world, my friends. One gaming system, one only. One with the capabilities of the Xbox 360, the Wii and the Playstation 3. Gamers could simultaneously look forward to the release of games like Gears of War 2, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Metal Gear Solid 4, and only need to spend a few hundred dollars for a single console. Fanboys would no longer exist, at least not to such a great extent. PCs and consoles would be joined into one mega-plutonium-powered-sex-driven-machine of ultimate gaming prowess."

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boogeyman9994742d ago

Nice story for an Xbox 360 version of Mario

Euphrate4742d ago

I bought my PS3 BECAUSE of MGS4. Kojipro have always been a single console developer, they are confident in always making an impact. This is highly inpractical if you make multiplats. Keep in mind. The 360 is only selling well in America. Here in Europe it's just as cheap if not cheaper then the Wii and people STILL buy the Playstation 3 over it. Japan is not even in question ( basically they'd rather die of a billion bee-stings in their testicles, before they buy an Xbox :(

Now that Kojipro, has seen all the acclaim they have gotten, to sticking to the Playstation 3 and proving it's power over rival consoles ( let's be real here, I love my 360, but there is no single game that can beat Grand Tourismo 5 or MGS4/ Uncharted ) when it comes to cutting edge presentation. They will stay exclusive, after all the love they received with MGS4, they know that they'll lose their hardcore fanbase in Europe if they go multiplat for any of their games to come. People bought Playstation 3's for them. They don't expect anything else.

They hold a high assest, in the eyes of Sony, they can now dictate Sony to their willing, they can get more funding and help, for everything. They will not give that up for anything.

Gears of War and Halo should be enough for 360 trigger happy users :)

kingme714742d ago

I'm going to give you a bubble for the billion bee stings thingie. That was pretty funny.

InMyOpinion4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

"Metal Gear Solid has always been a Playstation franchise,some people don't understand that lol"

I'm one of them.

Metal Gear started on the MSX, then continued on to the NES. Check your intel ;)

roflcopterattack4742d ago

The Metal Gear Solid games were often released on other systems...what the hell are you talking about Euphrate?

Cd3112904741d ago

NES just got an extremely gimped port. And many people forget it was sony that made most of the MSX systems.

Euphrate4741d ago


You should check YOUR intel :)

iamtehpwn4741d ago

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin snake is a remake of the original for Gamecube, as well as Metal Gear solid 2 and 3 being ported to Xbox and PC.

Check your facts. While Konami always gives Sony the biggest Edge, Metal Gear solid isn't an "Exclusive" franchise to anyone.

shadow-sentinel4741d ago

Wait... MGS3 to Xbox and PC? Sources?

xD xD

MGS2: Substance was on Xbox. The port was crap and the game didn't sell.


iamtehpwn4741d ago

MGS3 was a PS2 exclusive :D
It was MGS2 that was ported. My mistake, but the point remains.

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dxmnecro4742d ago

Metal Gear Solid should definitely come out on the Xbox. I'm not so sure about Mario 64 though.

Leafs1174742d ago

I don't want Pokemon and Mario...but everything else I'd buy :D

dachiefsman4742d ago

FFVII yes no to the others. got mgs4 already.

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