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GameOnDaily's resident correspondent, Asa, reviews Driveclub on the PS4.

Visually stunning but how much meat is on the bone?

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theXtReMe11459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

This is the best way Ive seen the game described. The engine running the game is incredible and looks capable of great things... The chasis is classic, Ridge Racer like, and while there is some charm for the right person... It isnt for everybody. It seems like racing games that are stuck between sim and arcade, rarely break through to the masses. What is there in the game is fun, but you have to want to play a classic kind of racer. RidgeRacer is the best way to describe it, as it has everything Ridge Racer had. Racing, drift and time trial.

I think Sony should have licensed the name or made a deal with Namco/ Bandai and called it Ridge Racer. I think Evolution confused the gaming public on what the game was going to be and in turn, kind of left the game open for criticism. It didnt help that, on top of everything, the servers didnt function at launch. It just made for a one, two punch that Im not sure the game can recover from. Its going to take a boatload of great DLC and modes to convince gamers to come back and try it again. I just hope they will give it a second chance, because if you take it for what it is... It is a fun game.

I think as-is, the game is a 7. When the servers are 100%, weather is released and clubs start forming and racing together... I imagine that score could hit 8 or 9 in a lot of gamers minds. It will all rely on what I eluded to earlier... And that is downloadable content. New modes, new cars, new tracks and more customization. If they listen to the fans of the game, it could turn out to be one great title. The ball is in Evolutions hands, it is up to them to raise the games score.

Septic1459d ago

But should the game get the benefit of the doubt? I mean, we're almost 2 weeks in and no plus edition. It reeks of incompetence.

Also, I wouldn't bump up the score based on what's coming the future. To me, the package is bare bones and that's not good enough. "People looking for New modes, new cars, new tracks and more customization" proves that the game is light on content.

TankCrossing1459d ago

Nope. Call round Sony's evil lair, and kick them in the nuts.

theXtReMe11459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

Septic, I can see where you're coming from, though we have to look at it from the developers perspective. This is a new IP. Each car takes six months of man-hours to develop. I think they took on a lot for a racing game that features real life cars. I think they got wrapped up in the technology and wanted to deliver a gorgeous game, which they did, but it was at the cost of doing a proper beta to make sure the servers were functioning. The game sold really well on its first day, to the tune of almost 1,000,000 copies, if not more. I don't think they were expecting that sort of sell through and without the beta were caught off guard with the servers. Sure, it may be an excuse and they should be working, but stuff happens. As technology progresses so does the difficulty in taming it.

I think we should give evolution the benefit of the doubt and see what they come up with in the future for this game via DLC. I think it at least warrants a look and then people can make up their minds from there. As Volkama said, a lot of people haven't even given the game a first chance. They are just going off of what others have said and have climbed aboard the hate train for this game. The fact is, single player is a lot of fun to play if you go in with an open mind and the attitude that this is not Gran Turismo or Forza Racing( not Horizon). This is really just a update to Ridge Racer. So, if you like arcade titles, this is your game. The only difference between this and Ridge Racer is the fact that this uses real life, licensed cars that control more sim like than arcade.

I think the biggest problem is, filtering out the system wars people from the people who have actually played and given the game a chance. We have no clue who has tried the title and personally liked or disliked it or who is just bashing it because it's on a competing system from their own.

I understand that if you pay for the title and expected multiplayer from the start you could be upset. You have every right, it's your money. But, the servers are almost at 100% now and will continue to improve from here on out. Now, as I mentioned in my first post, it is up to the developer to listen to gamers wants and needs and provide that via DLC. DLC is going to make or break this game, because of it's rocky start. If the developer can show good faith and release a constant stream of new cars, new tracks and new modes... Then it will go to show gamers that even if the launch is rocky, developers can more than make up for it post launch with added content that extends not only the gameplay of the game, but makes it even better experience for those who may not of liked the original offering.

Volkama1459d ago

A lot of people haven't given it that first chance yet...

Servers more-or-less work now (though not the most reliable connection), so the plus version must follow soon? Then lots of new blood will be forming their own opinions.

MysticStrummer1459d ago

"lots of new blood will be forming their own opinions."

Exactly. It seems odd but this game could still end up doing very well for itself despite the early reception. Maybe not, but it's a possibility.

uth111459d ago

Lots of people getting PS4's for Christmas. All of these launch issues, and delays and all the other drama surrounding this game will be irrelevant to them by then. Instead they'll log into PSN and grab the free titles to boost their collections. Weather should be in the game by then. It will be a game many play just because it shows off the graphical power of their new console.

So yeah, it could have a bright future

Angeljuice1459d ago

"Its going to take a boatload of great DLC and modes to convince gamers to come back and try it again."

Gamers seem more than happy with the game, it seems that its only the review sites that don't enjoy the game.
Saying that, I think its a hard game to review. Amazing graphics, addictive gameplay but with some serious problems. I personally think it will be considered a classic by the time all the updates and changes are implemented. Only time will tell.

I for one still believe in DriveClub.

ThatOneGuyThere1459d ago

it is nothing like Ridge Racer. It isn't THAT arcady. Drifting takes skill, as does driving smoothly over the track. This game drives almost identically to Need for Speed: Rivals, but SLIGHTLY more realistic. Ridge Racer drives on the extreme end of arcade racers. The game plays best when you are racing against players who don't think the game is destruction derby. The racing can be very intense.

stalepie1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

I agree. It's weird, the online is so destruction derby and I'm so bad at it that I have much more fun just playing the computer. I don't like waiting for lobbies to sync or whatever (not sure if that's the norm in multiplayer gaming). But there's a lot of boring waiting there.

I think it would be better if (at least) once you do get connected to an event, it automatically loads up the next track in sequence, after you finish it, just as if you're playing a multi-course part of the offline tour.

People could even set up a 5-course "grand prix" of their choosing then and it'd loop for a second, third, etc. round after it completes, unless the host decides to change the event, or there could be voting on track changes.

ThatOneGuyThere1459d ago

my gripes are:

1) People dont know how to race cleanly online
2) All of the events are "mountain roads". Theres WAY more variety in offline.
3) Its still hard to connect to a game.
4) I feel like every race has me in either that Bently, the RUF, or the Audi R8.

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tlougotg1459d ago

I have a feeling that this game as a new ip will do well sales wise but definitely could have done better had all these issues not arisen. Im sure they lost alot of sales from hardcore gamers due to the issues occurring. I had already planned to buy upon release and 50 price point sold me and i havent regretted it at all because ive already put in many hours and im enjoying it. Im a level 16 so i have a ways to go still. I think my club level is like a 6 or something. Feel free to join my club there are two slots open its called "getlaiddwn8itch"

Imo it is a solid racer, with good handling, great graphics and i would give it an 8 for now and higher once they sort out the online and add weather effects and the stuff they promise to add.

Applejack1459d ago

Exactly, I don't regret buying this game for $50 at all but now that the online is starting to work (for me at least) I'm having a lot more fun with it.

lemoncake1459d ago

Still waiting on my ps+ edition, hopefully it drops before the holidays and the snow patch is also released by then, if not its going to be very disapointing.

g-nome1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

Just tried to go online (tried for 30min), servers not available , this is now getting unacceptable Sony and Evo. No use to play since you cannot add points to your club if not online , what is the use of Drive club then.

Spotie1459d ago

You should try the driving part.

I won't have internet until Friday, but I've had and have enjoyed the game since launch. Yeah, I know: that should be impossible, according to most reviews.

Yet, somehow, it's the truth.

g-nome1459d ago

I have enjoyed the driving ...level 24 so far ... but some cars only unlock with your club at level 15 or so .. how do you get there if you cannot add points to the club level. Please tell me.

Septic1458d ago

"You should try the driving part. "

You should try raising your standards and not be content with half-measures thrown your way. Seriously. Sort it out.

Jide1459d ago

Maybe they should start giving every game a second chance from here on out. Just saying