3DSBlessed : Preview: Fantasy Life @ EGX 2014

HelenBaby writes : "Fantasy Life is the latest RPG to hit the 3DS. Developed by Level-5, 1-UP Studio and h.a.n.d, it was released on September 26th 2014 (which happened to be the day after I got to try it at EGX!).

I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed the game’s visuals. I had previously lazily glanced over some flat colour promotional artwork from the game while reading ONM (RIP btw ;_;) and hadn’t been impressed by how goofy or experimental it seemed. Its not that I thought it looked bad per se, merely that it wasn’t to my taste. However, while traversing through the game’s delightful 3D landscapes the game’s novel artstyle is presented in such a subtle way that I only actually noticed it about half way an hour in when I briefly paused to ponder. And by that time I was becoming quite sold on it!"

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