Xbox One, PS4 / Scalebound Or BloodBorne

Console exclusives Can often be the deciding factor in picking between new hardware. but for those who love the best in Japanese output, the decision Just got a whole lot tougher.

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vishmarx1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

nuff said.

GarrusVakarian1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

More nonsensical comparisons, just what we need! /s

One of those games haven't even had a gameplay presentation yet!

Gotta get them hits somehow, though, I guess....

bouzebbal1675d ago

pointless fanboy article just from the title. how can you ask people to choose between a game we know lot about with another one we have no idea what it is?
that question only concerns people who own both consoles the day these 2 games are coming out same day (which i highly doubt).
get outta here ign.

mikeslemonade1675d ago

Bloodborne is the clear choice because of the strong following from the soul series. Scalebound is platinum games which makes the great games but they don't sell well.

Onenyte1675d ago

I love Your comments dude ,right on the mark lol.

meatysausage1675d ago

These games couldnt be more different from each other.Anyway, why not both?

What would the sales of these games have any relevance to what you would prefer.

UltimateMaster1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Both! ; )

BallsEye1675d ago

Since we're at it, let's compare uncharted 10 to Halo 15.

GiggMan1675d ago

Agreed. I enjoyed the Bloodborne alpha and I'm looking forward to the release.

I'm looking forward to seeing gameplay from Scalebound but know very little about it.

mochachino1675d ago

The websites name is ign so it's definitely looking for easy hits

breakpad1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

while these 2 games are not comparable ..and i wished i could play both ..i go for Bloodborn , FromSOftware s games are so solid and well made that are absolute immersive experiences. Scalebound has not showed smthing yet and Platinum isnt known always for state of the art games (but in gameplay are always 10/10) and usually when Japn devs are occupied with Xbox dont show the same dedication as for their native companies (Sony ,nintendo

Mr Pumblechook1675d ago

Let me just echo what everyone is saying. The games are two very different genres. It is a silly article to get hits, but I suspect the die-hards will be fighting over them.

zeuanimals1675d ago

LOL. The funniest part is that this isn't even the real IGN. They're just using the IGN name to get easy hits, then they come out with clickbait like this. And WTF is "ovh"?

mokkeyrg21675d ago

they love it but hope both are good and does well.

Bdub20001674d ago

Why choose? Get both systems!

If you have to choose one, i'd personally go with Bloodborne given its awesome roots.

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lelo2play1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Since I don't like the Souls series of games, and normally like Platinum Games (are in top form with the recent Bayonetta 2), I would go with Scalebound. Too bad Scalebound won't release on the PS4 or PC (witch are the platforms I own at this moment).

nX1675d ago

Clearly two types of gamers here,
I enjoyed:
Demon's Souls
Dark Souls + DLC
Dark Souls II + DLC

I didn't enjoy:
- Bayonetta
- Vanquish
- Wonderful 101
- MGS Rising

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ramiuk11675d ago

have we even seen gameplay of Scalebound? i pretty sure its just been a cgi so far,on the other hand bloodborne looks amazing(gameplay not cgi)

Gamer19821675d ago

Indeed plus xbox owners will say they want scalebound more and ps owners bloodbourne anyway as thats just the way things are. Unless your dual console owners of course.

1675d ago
Aaroncls71675d ago

Sure Miyazaki is a beast; but you can ALWAYS bet on Kamiya.
That said, get them both eventually, those two games are sure to hit the spot.

assdan1675d ago

Myazaki > everything.

DevilOgreFish1675d ago

I don't know what Scalebound's gameplay looks like so i can't say. All i know is that It will be powered by UE4.

Spenok1674d ago

Simple as this. If the game looks good to you, GET IT! Oh wow, that was tough.

Also, Miyazaki is the shit. However, Platinum games has never let anyone down, so... >_>

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christocolus1675d ago

Lol. Same here. I think xbox fans will go for scalebound and psfans will go for bloodborne. I plan to play both though. SB and BB are from very talented devs..just take a look at bayonetta2 on wiiU...I'm going to be getting a wiiU and a copy of Bayonetta2 for my nephew just in time for the hollidays.... : )

MasterCornholio1675d ago

I hate to be that guy but I can't choose Scalebound due to the fact that I haven't seen gameplay of it yet. Blodborn is easy for me to choose since I played it at a gaming expo.

I know Platinum are great developers but I can't even consider Scalebound without seeing some gameplay first.

However if there is gameplay and I missed it please let me know because I will look at it as soon as possible.

creatchee1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )


You're not being that guy - you're being logical. Trailers that don't feature gameplay can give you a sense of what a game will be like, but they exist more to generate interest in the concept of the title rather than to be indicative of gameplay.

SinisterKieran1675d ago

okay, we don't need your life story...

christocolus1675d ago


Yeah,you have every reason not to consider scalebound but for me i've played almost every game kamiya has made i.e resident evil2, bayonetta,Okami, Viewtiful joe, Devil may cry,Vanquish, Mgs:r even the wonderul 101(at my friends crib) and i've loved them all..I own all those games too with the exception of wonderful 101.

Kamiya has such talent and for me its about the developer behind the game. With scalebound kamiya is trying to do something new, including dragons in an open world fantasy setting is a big plus.I'm a fan of fantasy adventure games.i like dragons in games and with Kamiya at the helm its a no brainer.. he also talks about building a relationship with your dragon and that's a concept i like in games too..its the reason i wanted to play the last guardian so bad, its why i love ico and shadow of the collosus too.

I think more people will feel differently once MS&Platinum show gameplay next year..I've also had the priviledge of chatting with 2MS devs working on the project and though no concrete info was given to me they seem pretty excited about the project,all i got was that its going to be a huge game,its going to be different from other platinum titles,MS is working very closely with platinum and regarding the visuals one of the devs told me he would let me be the judge of that (after the gameplay reveal next year) and another said they chose UE4 for so many reasons....didn't know what to make of it all but it got me even more hyped.

MasterCornholio1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

"Kamiya has such talent and for me its about the developer behind the game. "

I played many of his games before and my favourites were DMC, Vanquish and Bayonetta. However even though the trailer looks interesting it isnt indicative of the gameplay the game will have. Even great developers can make turds every once in a while. I love the games that Naughty Dog makes but without seeing some gameplay from Uncharted 4 i cant decide if ill enjoy the game or not. Same goes for Mass Effect 4 i loved the series on XB1 but i have no idea if ill like the 4th one or not without seeing some gameplay first.

I apologize for sounding like a jerk but i really cant decide if will enjoy a game without seeing some gameplay first. This is one of the main reasons why i love streaming on twitch so much.

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Zichu1675d ago

Definitely for me. I don't own a PS4 just yet, but Bloodborne is that deciding factor for me, along with The Order and some indie titles.

ABizzel11675d ago

Compare a game we know about and releasing in a few months to a game we know nothing about releasing possibly late 2015 (although it's Platinum so at worst the game will still be enjoyable).

One console is doing well in JP (as far as well in JP goes), one console is struggling to sell 1,000 consoles per week.

I love both developers but one made a wise investment, the other once again is about to see their game struggle.

christocolus1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

“One console is doing well in JP (as far as well in JP
goes), one console is struggling to sell 1,000 consoles
per week.
” one made a wise investment,
the other once again is about to see their game struggle.”

The first part of your comment hit the nail on the head but what has this other part got to do with the article? I thought the article was clearly about choosing a console based on scalebound and bloodborne as exclusives available to both platforms. What's sales and one developer making a bad investment got to do with it? Both games are highly anticipated(even with no gameplay shown for SB),so how would you know which one is going to struggle? Why can't both games be succesful?

MrSwankSinatra1675d ago

When I said both, I was talking as in I will be buying both.

Concertoine1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Actually according to cboat MS is money hatting the crap out of Platinum for this game. Like Bayonetta 2, if the game flops it wont affect Platinum whatsoever financially. Platinum is an independent studio so as long as companies are funding projects for them, they're fine.

Also Platinum's games (excluding bayonetta 1) never tend to do well in Japan anyway.

ABizzel11675d ago


I agree both games should be great, and are from great developers, but in the case of Platinum they're once again putting their IP's on a platform that isn't suited for type of games.

1. Japanese games don't do well on Xbox in JP. The best selling JP games on 360 barley broke the 200k mark.

2. I don't feel like looking this up, but I think all their games have sold better on PS when the consoles had near even sales last-gen. The PS4 has 2x the install base, it's currently winning NA, and dominating EU where the 360 versions of their games managed to hold on, yet Platinum decides to make an exclusive for said console (same situation with the Wii U).

3. Platinum games have a very niche audience to begin with. I enjoy most of their games and they're probably one of my top 10 favorite developers and easily in my top 5 if not 3 Japanese developers, but making over the top Japanese games, puts you in the niche group sales wise.

I'm sure both games will review well and be a success in that regard, but financially I just don't see Scalebound being a hit for MS or Platinum. It's like putting a Death Metal band in a concert to perform for the Country Music Festival. It just doesn't fit with their audience.

No offense I'm just calling it like I see it.


I'm sure they are, which is why I like Bayonetta I understand it, but I still don't think it's the right choice for Platinum. 2015 is the 20 year PS anniversary and they have over 20 A - AAA exclusives already announced, and over 40 including indie, MS has to combat that with their own 3rd party exclusives. I'm also sure Platinum just wants to keep making games which is what any developer would want. However, in reverse to what you said, if the game is a success then they're paid royalties for the game doing well which allows them to be able to self publish more titles on their own.

Also Metal Gear Rising did great in Japan for them.

Concertoine1675d ago

Haha i almost forget MGR is a platinum game sometimes. The fact that its riding the metal gear name is really what sold it though, if it wasnt i doubt it wouldve fared much better than the likes of Vanquish.

I honestly doubt they'll self publish anything anytime soon. They started off with Sega and now they're just hopping around various publishers. Its clear they have no trouble finding publishers, even after TW101 was probably their biggest commercial failure yet.

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Godmars2901675d ago

Except you know more about one game than the other. If it weren't for the fact that a well known game dev was making Scalebound, it wouldn't be on anyone's radar. Not to the degree it is.

MrSwankSinatra1675d ago

Why does it matter if I know about one more over the other. I know what both studios are capable and neither one have disappointed me, so I will be picking up both games.

assdan1675d ago

I'm so tired of people like you. Seriously though. I don't know how anyone can have enough time and/or money to play on both systems. "all console" elitists are the most annoying players in my opinion.

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Walker1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

BloodBorne is best game of the next year undoubtedly !

BigShotSmoov0071675d ago

You don't even believe that foolishness. Have you seen the lineup for next year? Rainbow Six, Uncharted, Halo, Evolve etc etc etc.....Yeah, bloodborne is going to be a good game but I doubt the best of next year.

christocolus1675d ago

Also add The Order, The Division, Batman, MGS, FinalFantasy ,Zelda, Tomb raider and there'll definitly be a new Assasins creed, COD and unannounced titles from MS, Nintendo and Sony.

Nekroo911675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Souls games are known for being contenders,
and talking about foolishness when you say that Rainbow Six is more worthy than Bloodborne ..Ah!

Its probably a multiplatform game so i guess Envolve because everyone its excited for that game

BigShotSmoov0071675d ago

I completely forgot about thos game but I knew I was leaving some out Chrisocolus. Big Games next year for sure.

Patrick_pk441675d ago

GOTY would either be MGSV, Witcher 3, Final Fantasy, and Uncharted 4. I don't see anything else coming close to these games.

Kingdomcome2471674d ago

I'm not saying that it will win GOTY, but I think that Quantum Break will be fantastic as well.

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Bigpappy1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

This is how the dumb hype gets started. I know there was an opinion piece trying to make the same prediction, now fan boy will latch on to that and put tremendous pressure on the game to deliver on a promise the developer never made.

G20WLY1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

For anyone who's played the betas BloodBorne is already delivering.

Master-H1675d ago

Spoken like someone who never laid hands on a Souls games.

guyman1675d ago

If you can afford to buy one console, you can buy both. There is no excuse.

zsquaresoff1675d ago

From which corner of hell did you pull that logic from.

Eonjay1675d ago

The kind of logical fallacy that makes my head hurt.

dragonyght1675d ago

lol i think you meant Hades

DeadlyOreo1675d ago

Haha, brilliant banter. Thanks for a good laugh.


BattleTorn1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

hmmm.. let's have a crack at this....

If spending $800 is breaking your bank, then spending $400 wasn't a good idea either.

You shouldn't be spending half your money on a luxury.

It's like saying "I can go to the movies, but can't afford popcorn"
...... //if you can't afford popcorn, you shouldn't be going to the movies//

ABizzel11675d ago

I think he meant "if you're working" and can afford to buy one, you can afford to buy the other(s). Maybe not immediately, but eventually (1 console per year).

But at the same time, you still have to pay for PS+ / XBL, as well as games, controllers (If you need more than 1), so it can be a little expensive.

Once again this is why I recommend most people to buy their console of choice first, get another console 2 - 3 years later ($299 bundle), and get the final console when it's in the $199 or less.

BiggerBoss1675d ago

@battletorn just because i can afford to go to the movies doesn't mean i want to waste money on overpriced popcorn, just like how just because I can afford one new console that doesnt mean i should throw out 4-500 to buy the other console

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n4rc1675d ago

Well... Its true..

Dropping $450-500 on a video game system is a luxury... If you could afford to spend that, you could afford another $500 and if you can't? Then you probably shouldn't have spent the first $500 lol

I get that logic.. But let's face it, most of us buy stuff we financially shouldn't.

However I work 6 days a week usually.. I could easily buy a 2nd console but don't have the time to enjoy it..

Zichu1675d ago

Some people have probably been saving up for these consoles for a while. Everyone is allowed some form of luxury in life, some people can drop thousands on their setup without taking a hit financially. Some people have to make sacrifices for things they enjoy doing.

If people are working hard, they should be allowed to put a bit of money away for something that they and even the rest of there family can enjoy.

Automatic791675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

I am looking for a reason to purchase a ps4 but so far the lineup is not matching the hype at least for me. I would have bought it with the one two combo The last of Us and The Order but the latter got pushed back. Next year seems a little stronger for PS4.

Note the WiiU seems like a good pickup this year. Probably a black Friday deal. Just to name a few Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta, MarioKart, Super Smash Brothers (Great Family Game), Captain Toad not to mention a great Back catalogue Mario Land, Mario World, Donkey Kong, Zelda Remake a few others I can't remember. Plus upcoming Yoshi Yarn, Starfox, Zelda.

Tresyn101675d ago

So how would you have time to enjoy the first console? That's a choice, if you wanted to enjoy both you could, you could equally play both as well.. and it's easier for you to gain access to another console, financially, which is deserved if you want, because you work for it and many do, but everyone doesn't have the option to buy another if they wanted, which boils down to preference...

MasterCornholio1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

"If you could afford to spend that, you could afford another $500 and if you can't?"

Instead of spending 500$ on an Xbox One i chose to spend it on games.

I can't play a console without any games which is why I chose to do that.

Got a problem with that or is spending money on games a financially bad idea?

n4rc1675d ago

I fail to see why you are getting so upset..

This is basic financial planning.. If you have the money to spend on a console of this price, another $400 is not breaking your bank..

But as I said.. Many people don't follow what they technically should.. I never said saving up for a treat is a bad thing or telling you what to do with your money.. I'm laying out a financial fact

let's face it.. If you need to save up $400 in the first place, there was something better you should have spent it on.. The same goes for me.. Doesn't matter I can buy both in a weeks pay, what I should have done is pay down my car loan or saved it for a house down payment..

But I like gaming.. Lol..

BiggerBoss1675d ago

@narc what point are you trying to make? That you should either buy both consoles or buy none?? Thats just a tad bit ridiculous imo

BrianG1674d ago

"This is basic financial planning.. If you have the money to spend on a console of this price, another $400 is not breaking your bank.."

Cool logic. So if you can afford one car payment, why not two right? One down payment on a house, psssh, get 2 homes.

"If you could afford to spend that, you could afford another $500 and if you can't? Then you probably shouldn't have spent the first $500 lol"

After all, using your own logic, if you can't afford to buy 2 homes or 2 cars, you shouldn't have bought the first one.

To some $100K is not a lot of money, but then you have people that will say $400 is a lot of money. It's all subjective. Just because you can afford to shell out for 2 consoles, just because, does not mean every one can.

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Farsendor11675d ago

i'm not buying a second console with a yearly

Eonjay1675d ago

What if I'm not a fool who buys everything just becase it exists. Holy mother of consumerism. You are an advertiser's dream.