#GamerGate an Attack on Ethical Journalism

RawStory's Pandagon column lists reasons that it thinks #GamerGate, which fights for ethics in games journalism, has taken an ironic turn against ethical journalism.

The article claims that ethical journalism should not be influenced by developers or advertisers, yet journalists might now feel pressure to avoid saying negative things about games, fearing the wrath of #GamerGate. Is this creating more of the very thing that #GamerGate claims to fight against?

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Godmars2901485d ago

Sorry, can't read something which by its first few paragraphs only treats Gamergate as the problem.

ginganinja1485d ago

I'll sum it up for you then;
If you're aim is to suppress any media which disagrees with you then you aren't going to create a media which is ethical by nature.

Juste_Belmont1485d ago

The role of true journalism isn't to agree or disagree with anything, but to simply inform the public about what is happening in the world in as accurate a way as possible. People who spout their opinions on topics are known as pundits, not journalists.

ginganinja1485d ago

Exactly, and if a group claims that is their goal but refutes such reporting out of hand, sight unseen, because it disagrees with there world view then that sort of implies there's a fundamental problem.

knifefight1484d ago

What I've wondered is this: is the role of a reviewer the same as the role of a news writer? One deals exclusively in fact, the other deals in evaluating something based on their own tastes. The movement seems very well intentioned, but often lumps the two together.

I suppose they could, because the same websites offer both facts (news stories) and opinions (reviews), just as any Newspaper or magazine does. Its news reports are not the same as its critical sections. Not sure how Gamergate stands on publications such as USA Today or Newsweek. Is there an official stance on these places or is it an individual thing? There should really be an official gamergate website to get all these questions answered.

brish1484d ago

"If you're aim is to suppress any media which disagrees with you then you aren't going to create a media which is ethical by nature."
- ginganinja

You do realize that game journalists are trying to suppress what gamergate is and lying to people by saying it's a hate movement right?

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001484d ago

gamergate keeps on growing everyday, and people are starting to see all the lies and nastiness from those who are anti-gamergate. if these journalist think they can repeat the same thing over and over and hope it kills gamergate they obviously don't know how hardcore gamers play there games.