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Nyxus1675d ago

Evil Within at nr 1, nice!

the_dark_one1675d ago

Check it again.

Surprised Driveclub is so close to the top, just goes to prove that most gamers dont care for reviews, which is great.

bleedsoe9mm1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

@the_dark_one i can't believe people agree that consumers buying products that don't work like simcity , BF4 and driveclub is somehow a good thing . reviewers got lied too as much as we did , companies that don't alpha and beta test should be ashamed of themself not rewarded .

CaptainObvious8781675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Good to see Borderlands on the list.

There's been literally no hype for it whatsoever. I even forgot it was releasing until I saw this list.

So stupid to not release it for current gen though. Core gamers buy games and right now the current gen install base is comprised mostly of core gamers. Just doesn't make sense to me.

No doubt a definitive version will be released later with some DLC.

And also great to see a survival horror top the charts. Publishers will see this and be more incline to take a risk in this genre.

Immorals1675d ago

I love borderlands but refuse to buy a game in 2014 for a system that came out in 2005..

Perjoss1675d ago

"I love borderlands but refuse to buy a game in 2014 for a system that came out in 2005.."

Its also on PC

moegooner881675d ago

Fifa is the number one for the combined charts. Thought The Evil Within would be.

Nyxus1675d ago

Still pretty impressive for The Evil Within, as FIFA obviously has a much wider mainstream appeal.

Knushwood Butt1675d ago

F1 2014... Amazes me how Codemasters stay in business, or why they bother paying for the licence.

sin72791675d ago

Driveclub is seling beter then fh2 ha ha nice job sony and evo!

qwerty6761675d ago

kind of

Forza Horison 2 actually sold more

but it is interesting to see it outsell the xb1 version despite crap reviews and online not even working.

Torque_CS_Lewith1675d ago

DC is newer though...shouldn't we be expecting this? Also DC dropped 4 spots in a week.

marlinfan101675d ago

lol id hope so. ps4 does have twice the install base. i guess that is a good job by sony and evo though, they were still able to sell a bunch of copies while only needing to release a half working game. they sure came out on top on that one.

mcstorm1675d ago

@sin7279 forza Horizon has been out a few weeks now this was the 1st week for DC so we will see a better picture next week and the week after to if DC has legs like Horizon seems to have.

The UK charts are the same every year though the to 10 games tend to be the same yoy with Fifa, COD, B and AC

mhunterjr1675d ago

What's so funny about that? It's a newer release, on a console that has a larger install base...

Septic1674d ago

Because better sales (for a newer game no less) equates to a better game? So Sony and evo deserve praise for a game that received a poorer critical reception and a completely botched launch?

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Predaking771675d ago

And this is why I don't trust reviews anymore

2 of my favorite and more enjoyable games of this year has been the worst rated with the lowest game score of them all

Destiny and The Evil Within

Don't trust reviews, they don't represent the experience you will have with game. Try a game yourself despite bad reviews, it can turn out to be an amazing experience for you.

We are all different and we all experience things different.