Call of Duty: World at War 'not a different game on the Wii'

Joystiq writes: "Treyarch has ambitious plans for Call of Duty: World at War, namely in making sure that the Wii version is "not a different game," according to what Treyarch studio head Mark Lamia told Joystiq. "We have dedicated engineers, artists, and designers associated to the Wii platform. So we have a ton of resources, stable platform to start with while we're making that thing -- but it will be the exact experience except for the changes we need to make for the controls and everything else."

Everything else, eh? Aside from Waggletech® and Overpriced Plastic Shell® integration (yes, Zapper support confirmed), expect the Wii version of World at War to feature some significant scaling back in the graphics department, and co-op and online multiplayer modes. So, same game? Or just the same name?"

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Denocao4745d ago

The PS3, 360 and Wii are three very different system. I believe that if third parties developers would dedicate games for just one platform we gamers would have much better products on our hands.

PS3 owners don't have their 3rd party games pushed to the limit because of the limitations of 360 hardware and dvd space limit.

I really believe that if GTA4, as many other games, would be much better in terms of content and resolution if it was a PS3 exclusive. Now I have the game collecting dust on my shelf and am really mad I cashed out $60 for this game.

mepsipax4745d ago

I don't want the same experience on the wii because that's all it will feel like a system lagging in the power department trying to keep up with systems that consume more juice than a refrigerator, when it comes out I'll buy it for the 360/PS3/PC (probably PC) but I want the devs to create a unique experience on wii just so maybe a 360/PS3 fanboy might actually ask, damn, why can't I have that on my 360/PS3.