Forza Director Says Racing Games Have "Only Scratched the Surface" of the Genre

Gamespot reports: On the heels of Forza Horizon 2's release and as we look ahead to the inevitable Forza Motorsport 6, Turn 10 Studios creative director Dan Greenawalt is optimistic about the future of the racing genre overall. "I believe we've only scratched the surface of what is possible in the genre," Greenawalt tells me as part of a wide-ranging interview about the state of the Forza racing brand.

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tgunzz1676d ago

Once again hats off to PG/turn 10 for crafting such a masterpiece!!! I can't recommend it enough... Game on!

Team_Litt1675d ago

Sounds about right. The guys over at T10 and Playground are pretty passionate about cars. Dan must be pretty proud.

radler1675d ago

The racing genre is stagnating in my opinion, the obsession with licensed cars and realism is sucking out all the fun and creativity we used to see.

We used to have games such as F-Zero, Wipeout and Burnout all offering unique and most importantly fun experiences. Now games like that have all but died as we're left with all these games that give us the exact same cars and the exact same tracks, with the only major difference being the name printed on the disc.

Hopefully one day we see someone with creativity and an eye for fun reinvigorate the genre. For now I'm just bored senseless of all these games that start you off in the exact same slow, boring cars and identical singleplayer modes. I miss when racing games were fun, rather than digital car museums.