Space Oddity - The Making of Alien: Isolation

Creative Assembly is best known for its strategy games, so what inspired a studio so well-versed in one genre to reach out of its comfort zone and step into the inky blackness of Alien’s sci-fi world? games™ chats to creative director Alistair Hope and lead designer Gary Napper about revalidating Ridley Scott’s universe for the modern gamer

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TimmyShire1486d ago

Interesting that he references Tom Clancy games as being an inspiration.

gamesTM_dom1486d ago

I think you can see that in how it plays too, though A:I certainly benefits from moving away from Splinter Cell's insistence that you 'glue' to walls when in stealth

BABY-JEDI1485d ago

Hi gamesTM_dom. Any idea if CA are going to be working on a sequel or developing this franchise? If not. Can you demand them to do this?