'Alien: Isolation' Review: Fight or Flight | Bloody Disgusting

After a slew of games that have ranged from disappointing (Alien vs. Predator) to the downright awful (Aliens: Colonial Marines), the Aliens franchise hasn’t had much luck in the virtual realm of video games. Developer Creative Assembly aims to change that with Alien: Isolation, a terrifying game of cat and mouse set in the Sevastopol space station.

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BABY-JEDI1463d ago

I'm really enjoying this game. I think I'm 50-60% through. My fav game this gen so far. Hopefully, there will be a sequel of sorts.

TripC501463d ago

I just got it yesterday. It's probably my favorite game this gen as well next to shadow of mordor. If I had the money, was younger, had the time, I'd totally be a working joe for Halloween this year.

BABY-JEDI1463d ago

With good surround sound headphones, this game jumps into a new level. The audio is exceptional
; D

3-4-51463d ago

I don't like scary games, but this does interest me.

I'll get it when it's a low enough price for me.

BABY-JEDI1462d ago

If your not a big survival horror fan, play it on medium (or easy) which is still challenging. The exploration part of the game is excellent as it oozes atmosphere. If you like Sci-fi you will love it.

teo721463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

Great game, and hopefully only the first in a series of alien survival horror games where the alien is the top predator and not cannon fodder...

BABY-JEDI1463d ago

I'm really hoping the dev's get to develop the franchise further. They really have nailed the Alien universe