‘Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor’ review: my precious | Gearburn

Once more into Mordor we travel, into a cursed land where all that draws breath seeks to be the harbinger of your death. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (SOM) is the best Lord of the Rings inspired game yet and something that should have been done years ago. But I’m glad it happened now at the forefront of gaming technology.

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Farsendor11512d ago

A very good game I have put in almost 40 hours into it. I hope they will make a trilogy of it.

--bienio--1512d ago

Yeah me to;) grat game!! GOTY so far for me;)

Farsendor11512d ago

For me that title goes to Last of us because I didn't get to play the ps3 version but Shadow of Mordor is 2nd favorite game of this year.

Automatic791512d ago

I still can't put it down. Solid game love it.