Time Crisis 5 Has Been Announced

Bandai Namco is set to revive a well known gaming franchise as it has now revealed a new Time Crisis 5 arcade cabinet.

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sinncross1679d ago

Sweet, I will play this in March as soon as the arcade release is out.

Gonna be good!

NovusTerminus1679d ago

I wish had an Arcade near me still... I loved these games.

bouzebbal1679d ago

haha one of my favorite series of all time. please bring it on to PS4 so i cant dust that move controller.
TC4 and Crisis Zone were very average, for me 1, 2 and 3 were the very best in the series. i hope TC5 surprises us.

Seraphim1679d ago

Time for the Guncon 3 (?). Nothing beats the Arcade but the PS2/Guncon wasn't a bad combo either. PS3/Move Gun wasn't half bad but not as accurate as the Guncon imo. Just a shame I can't even tell you where the closest Arcade is to me. Come on Mega Millions Ticket! I'll just build a personal arcade next to my game room Lol.

Spenok1679d ago

This is awesome, such a classic. I wonder if it will eventually make it's way to consoles. Here's hoping.

Harold_Finch1679d ago

Can you send the machine to my house?

I have cookies...?

bigboss19901679d ago

They should bring Richard miller back LOL my second game I played on ps1 such memory's :D

The Meerkat1679d ago

Better with Kinect.

Pew, pew, pew.

memots1679d ago

lol .. you forgot to add /s at the end of your comment.

plmkoh1679d ago

OK here's some info from what I read:

- Planned March 2015 release
- Costs ~$20,000 USD for the machine
- Two pedal system, step on left or right to turn your character
- Same old controls, lift pedal to go into cover and 2P coop.
- 3 stage vairations: Rampage through a resort, wreck havoc riding on a heli and high speed bike combat
- Masterful and breathtaking scenario
- 2 X 55 inch monitors
- button on gun to change weapon and new strong realistic force feedback

caseh1679d ago

'Masterful and breathtaking scenario'

Made me chuckle when a comment like that is listed alongside general specs. :)

Hestrela1679d ago

Where is virtua cop sequel please ?

caseh1679d ago

Buried somewhere in Sega HQ with the corpse of Yu Suzuki, the Yu Suzuki walking around these days is actually a cyborg...kinda like the ones out of Binary Domain.

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