Dark Knight Teased as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s Expansion’s First New Job

At the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Fanfest in Vegas, Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida mentioned that multiple new jobs will be coming in spring 2015 with the first expansion titled Heavensward.

Asked to give a hint about the identity of one of the new jobs he heavily teased that one could be Dark Knight.

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Spenok1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

This would be absolutely wonderful. DK is one of favorite classes. Now all they need to do is add Samurai and I will be in heaven with this game :D

Edit: From the article, "Incidentally, a folder named “Samurai” was also spotted during the livestream on composer Masayoshi Soken’s laptop screen. Take it as you will."

GOD I hope so lol. If I am not mistaken the community has been pretty vocal about this. Here's hoping they listened. However they have proven they listen time and time again.

Tdmd1552d ago

Excuse the ignorance, but what is a Dark Knight? I'm not new to FF, but I'm new to FF mmo's and I've never heard about this class before...

Now, samurai, huh? This sounds amazing! Not sure what's the samurai role in a party but I know it will be my favorite job if it comes true! Exploring Eorzea as a samurai sounds exciting as hell!

Spenok1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Not a problem at all my friend. I've been on the FF MMO since XI launched on PS2 way back in 2004. They are powerful DPS classes who augment their DPS with Black Magic spells as well. Awesome class if you ask me.

Here's a Wiki link of the FFXI definition of a DRK. http://wiki.ffxiclopedia.or...

Also, a Samurai in FFXI was a skill chaining monster. He could throw out skills like no other class, and put them together as well. (FFXI was vastly different from XIV in the skills department). He dealt some seriously incredible damage. It was my personal favorite class.

Tdmd1552d ago

Melee dps with dark magic buffs, then? I like it! Thanks for the link. I never knew there were so many jobs in FFXI! It makes FFXIV pales in comparison!

Spenok1551d ago

Yeah it kind of does. However it's had over 10 years in the incubator ;)

noxeven1553d ago

That great. Makes me want to resub to finish mastering crafting and such.

Spenok1552d ago

I've never been into crafting in an MMO, and I tried in this game in vanilla, and GOD that was terrible. It's still very similar, just much more refined and much better. I got into it a little again when ARR launched, and I may get into it again. It sure would be lucrative lol.

Major_Glitch1553d ago

The author missed an important part regarding the samurai folder. It was seen that the folder in question had been updated this month.

Skate-AK1553d ago

Oh man. Looks like I am buying the GOTY edition.

belac091552d ago

im new to the whole MMORPG scene, i never had a PC back when WoW and all the others were huge, but now that i have played FF 14 i realize how much i probably missed, especially FF 11, this game has been a game changer (literally) for me. FANTASTIC game.