The Destiny of Destiny's Future Content

"For Bungie fans that fell in love with the Master Chief’s plight in the Halo series, you would have noticed that Destiny feels a lot like Halo. Hell, if there wasn’t an issue with IP rights, it’s feasible that Destiny could have even been a possible future on the Halo timeline. What you may not know is that Bungie was cleverly testing out a range of mechanics and systems in its Halo games that would later be implemented and evolved in Destiny."

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qwerty6761463d ago

i guess their plan was to take out all the cool elements of the story and throw them into dlcs.

caseh1463d ago

Shouldn't be surprised really, Activision see nothing wrong with this approach and neither do the millions of people who buy CoD every year.

1nsomniac1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

Well said!

FullmetalRoyale1463d ago

But I've never had that experience with CoD.

Didn't play Ghosts, but even if they DID do what you claim they have always done, that one time, does not make it so.

Why hate on it?

vikingland11463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

The Destiny of Destiny is dlc and more dlc. I don't mind dlc that enhances a game in some tangible way. However, I think the full story should be included for the asking price. $60 and then $30 more every time more story dlc comes out is rediculous. $20-$30 twice a year is $40-$60 a year for story dlc? $400-$600 for ten years smh. The saddest part of my rant is, I like Destiny so I'm screwed.

DanteVFenris6661463d ago

The dlc will more likley be 15-20 per pack. Destinies biggest problem isn't story. It's lack of content. How many mmos can I kill enemies and do raids. Every single one the only thing that separates it apart is that it's an fps. No creative new elements like for example ship combat which I would have waited for release if that was included

JeffGUNZ1462d ago

What worries me right now is that I am level 27 hunter, with at least one legendary weapon for each slot and legendary gear and exotic helmet. Once I max out my gun, also working on Exotic Bounty for pulse rifle, but once I max it out, I have to get raid gear to level up to 30. Without matchmaking and my busy scheduled, it's tough to get 6 friends together. This needs to be patched in. Obviously we know the raid will be better with friends and party, but why not make it optional so the best gear in the game can be open for everyone?

vikingland11462d ago

I would love some ship combat. But I still think the story should have been in the price of the disc. An example is the ME series even though it has 3 games each game has beginning,middle and end that lead to a climax.

Jozinho1463d ago

I agree and disagree.

I agree the story should be included in the $60 dollar. However, story or no story I got my money worth. Maybe not in content but in entertainment. I don't know where you guys live but if i take my lady to a date and then a movie; which will be 4-5 hours all together will cost me more than $60.

If i go to the bar with the boys to have a good night out i spend more than $60.

If you got around 100 hour game-play time (Even 60). You paid 50 cents an hour for entertainment which in my books is a good F'ing deal.

vikingland11462d ago

I agree, I too found the game entertaining. I guess I wont know for sure how I will feel untill 10 years from now. I hope it will keep me interested that long. I guess in the scheme of things $20-$40 a year isn't as bad as I thought.

BattleTorn1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

I'm still playing Destiny, in week 7, than I was in week 1!

I think it's safe to say I'll get my money's worth out of any DLC they release.

I just got my 3rd character to level 20, meaning I know have Hunter @ 27, Titan @ 26, and Warlock @ 25.

It's great being able to finally equip all the Legendary/Exotic items I had accumulated for other classes.

Hanuman1462d ago

Since day one I've been playing around 2-3 hours a day. That's good value if you ask me. I'm inching my way to level 30 and loving every minute doing it. 99% of the time I'm playing Destiny without friends, so Raids and weekly strikes are a no go most of the time. This of course sucks balls, but I'm sure (fingers crossed) Bungie will come to senses and expand matchmaking.

BattleTorn1462d ago

add me if ya like, PSN: Battle_Torn

I still haven't been able to do Nightfalls or the Raid.

Not due to being solo, I have many Destiny friends - but to the fact that we all don't have good enough gear to even get very far.

I was super lucky this weekend, I jumped into a friends fireteam that was 2/3. Turned out they were just completing the Nightfall, so I got an exotic helmet just by dropping in for the final boss!