How BF: Hardline's Beta is changing the game

MWEB GameZone writes: "Visceral Games is taking feedback from the Battlefield: Hardline beta very seriously and recently highlighted a few upcoming changes to be made to the game as a result.

We take a look at the difference between Cops & Robbers, weapons, and the role of weaponised vehicles.

On the one hand it is encouraging that these changes are being enacted at the behest of the game's fanbase, but on the other hand it does feel like some of the changes should have been the de facto position from the start."

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Sillicur1676d ago

Great to see they taking the feedback from the community seriously!

Dannycr1676d ago

Well they don't have any other options. The first beta was so badly received that they really need to start listening to the users.

As a "Cops & Robbers" game, Payday 2 does a better job and the mechanics were far more interesting. Hardline was basically a "Battlefield Scenario" with some people dressed as Robbers and some others as the police, although you never felt like they were police or robbers.

Clown_Syndr0me1676d ago

Payday 2 was a good idea, bad game. A bank robbery game which had what, one bank? & it wasnt even an interesting one.

Dannycr1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

On consoles, yes, on PC there is more content, however, even if it is one bank, the difficulty levels could change the way it plays out. Plus, it was given as a PS Plus game for free, so there's that.

But the important thing here is that the mechanics were somewhat realistic and cool. It isn't all about just shooting and it felt like a real cops vs robbers game, unlike Hardline.

HaveAsandwich1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

exactly. the beta was so universally shit upon, they had no choice.

Spenok1676d ago

It's a good thing they finally did a beta early enough to take fan feedback into account. Hell, they delayed the game because of the beta, knowing it wasn't up to par and because of fan feedback.

EA seems to be doing a MUCH better job since a couple of years ago. This is only a start. Good stuff.

quenomamen1676d ago

The best weapons like RPGs and explosives are pick now pickups ? So instead of playing the objective you now also have to hunt down weapons ? Its no longer about your skill level but who found the RPG first, bad move IMO.

Dannycr1676d ago

I think they were referring to a mode where the RPGs are kind of an objective as well and I think it is better. Some people just love to start spamming and camping with explosives and that is just too boring. You suddenly felt that you were dealing with COD kind of camping

nitrogav1676d ago

I agree about the RPG's, shouldn't be pickups but really late unlocks after a long grind into the game.

HanCilliers1676d ago

If Hardline fails the expectations then I fear the franchise will be over. It was a bold move to move away from its traditional military war zones to a cops and robbers arena. It's gonna make or break the series.

DesVader1676d ago

Why not Battlefield 2143 - bring back the Titans! Heck, why not Battlefield 1944. Great to reinvent the wheel, but us old BF fans would love a refresh of the older versions....they're the titles (especially 1942) that made this franchise what it is.

lord zaid1676d ago

That's not a terrible idea, but I'm not sure it's the best idea either.

I think the best move for BF is stable release. Do that and I think most people will forgive

memots1676d ago

I am somehow still interested in this game.
I have clocked 300hr on Bf4 and this looks cool, like you said its a bold move.

But .. ( yes there is a but )
I do not see myself spending again 110$ for the game and dlc. Its just too much.

At this point i might wait a year after its releases and pick it up at 50% with premium to give it a good go.

HanCilliers1676d ago

Waiting for prem is the way to go, IF you can play the waiting game

Dirtnapstor1676d ago

Yep this game is looking better and better. But likewise I'm not dropping the extra for the premium package. I'll wait it out and be satisfied with the initial release. Heck, maybe like BF, they'll throw in the first two map pack installments (which I thought was kind of a crapping on of premium members).

SonZeRo1676d ago

I'm waiting for launch, Beta is Beta is Beta.

HoldenZA1676d ago

Think I will be one of those that wait for the reviews to come out before committing to this.

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