Sony Touts ‘Friendly Competition’ in New PlayStation 4 Commercial

It’s the fall season and thus the biggest time for video game releases and marketing. While Sony has very few big PlayStation 4 exclusives for the remainder of 2014, they are touting the system as the ultimate gaming platform for your competitive and cooperative needs.

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Abash1680d ago

Cool commercial, seems like it targets all types of gamers

Jaqen_Hghar1680d ago

Yeah really showed the variety that has always been a staple of Sony systems (ironically with all 3rd party games but we know they're coming!)

jjonez181680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

It was premiered during one of the most anticipated NFL games: the Broncos/49ers game that Peyton Manning would break the all-time touchdown passing record! Strategic commercial placement by Sony lol.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1680d ago

I only see Sports and Shooter?

ginsunuva1679d ago

No, only male blacks and gingers.

Let's start a gender-racial "controversy" and make it all over N4G headlines!

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Spenok1680d ago

Pretty cool commercial. It's also interesting to see them only promote 3rd parties in it too. Should make their partners happy lol.

Eonjay1680d ago

Third parties are the crux of the industry. Its lifeblood.

Spenok1680d ago

Apparently some people disagree with your comment. This is true however, and I know that, it's just usually you see Sony focus their commercials on First or second party games. I think a tad bit of what JEECE below says rings some truth too. As far as being in a good place to promote just the console, and 3rd party games. Also they don't have a lot to focus on this holiday season other than LBP and.... well that's about it. Other than Driveclub which already came out. I can only imagine their marketing for next year. So many games to look forward to.

jjonez181680d ago

Sony's always been tight with their 3rd parties. It's arguably one of the main reasons to own a Playstation.

Spenok1680d ago

Well in my opinion, when a game is on multiple platforms, that's hardly a reason to own a system. To me it's all about exclusives, and the ONE THING most people seem to ignore, but where my friends are as well. Though your statement is true, they have always been close with their 3rd party counterparts go. And we're seeing even more support than ever this gen from major and indie 3rd parties. This generation is looking to be something special already.

jjonez181679d ago

Sony has had plenty of 3rd party exclusives. Bloodborne, and Persona being the most recent high profile ones. 3rd party doesnt necessarily mean multiple platforms. The PS2's library is a great example of this.

JEECE1680d ago

It is kind of interesting. I'm starting to wonder if the super heavy first party load of 2008-2013 wasn't largely to do with the catching up the PS3 had to do during those years. Now that Sony is off on a good footing, maybe the focus will shift back to third party. Or maybe the first party load will be just as heavy, it just needs more time to get going.

Inception1680d ago

"I'm starting to wonder if the super heavy first party load of 2008-2013 wasn't largely to do with the catching up the PS3 had to do during those years"

Did you skip PS1 & PS2 era where sony build tons of 1st party titles?

And did you skip E3, Gamescom, and TGS this year where sony showed a lot of 1st party titles that exclude Sony Santa Monica, Quantic Dream, Polyphony Digital, Guerilla Games, Sony Bend, etc?

JEECE1679d ago


No, I very much enjoyed the first party titles of the PS1 and PS2 eras. I didn't mean to imply there weren't good first party titles then, just that some of the years of the PS3 era were the heaviest first party focus(factoring in number of games/messaging/advertising as a whole). As to your second point, I know that Sony has a lot of first party games in the works, but for many of them we don't yet know release dates or if they are going to come out at a similar rate to the PS3 era. Hence the "Or maybe the first party load will be just as heavy, it just needs more time to get going" comment. I suppose I should clarify, I certainly favor the first party focus.

Eonjay1680d ago

Cool Ad... if only we could extend the concept of friendly competition to the comment section lol

pwnsause_returns1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

there used to be a "freindly" comment section here, it was divided from the "Open" section, but the mods i guess decided that it would be too much work for them to moderate LOL

you would see some one post a friendly comment on the comment section, then you see the same guy just troll the hell out of the article in the open section

those were fun times.

side note: its crazy to see this crazy change in marketing at sony, hasnt happened since the PS2 era.

XabiDaChosenOne1680d ago

"Open" section"
Wow, haven't heard that term in a long time. The open section was like detention in high school where all the trouble makers hung out.

OOMagnum1680d ago

Love the production of the commercial. It amazes me how the two companies switched this gen in terms of game promotion.

jjonez181680d ago

LittleBig Planet 3 gets no love :(
The perfect family friendly game for the holidays.
It will probably get its own push pre-launch but still...
Anyways nice commercial.

BiggerBoss1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Well to be fair, LBP wouldn't really have fit into this commercial. Id bet that come holiday season they'll be marketing LBP3 pretty decently

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