OXM: Prince of Persia Preview

At the tail end of the original Xbox's lifecycle came the third (and final) chapter in Ubisoft Montreal's re-imagined Sands of Time trilogy, The Two Thrones. With its God of War–like boss fights and slightly moody protagonist, Thrones was a fitting denouement of a story arc that was all bloom-lit, time-rewinding brilliance at best, and Godsmack-soundtracked brooding at worst.

But the gameplay itself never faltered - it always showcased the series' intense mix of sword-clattering combat and exhilarating platform acrobatics. But that was then, and this is now. In the hands of Thrones producer Ben Mattes, the new Prince of Persia seeks to travel a different path, in both its artistic direction and its pseudo–open world ambitions. While the new Prince isn't GTA Arabia, Mattes tells OXM it's definitely more "free roaming, [but] not a sandbox."

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Silogon4744d ago

This game looks drab, boring and just so dull. After Assassins Creed I'm passing anything Ubi up.