Walmart Video Game Ad On First Week Of November

Techtorial: Walmart video game ad for 11/2-11-8 lists bundles and exclusive in-game unlockable for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

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qwerty6761484d ago

lol no mention at all of ps4 cod

im guessing this is probably the same exact marketing deal sony had with activision for destiny.

Remy_Chaos1484d ago

I guess that makes you smile? Anyways it doesn't matter, everyone already knows it's multiplatform.

strangeaeon1484d ago

The butt hurt is strong in this one. Were you going to buy COD:AW in any case?

Remy_Chaos1484d ago

@ strangeaon

Butthurt? lol umm yeah okay sure. I'll rent it first since I haven't played COD in a long time, if I like it, I'll buy. BTW I'm not wrong in saying it's multiplatform (duh) and look at how Madden & Fifa sold better on PS4 despite deals with MS.

IF anyone is butthurt its the fools who disagreed with me.

qwerty6761484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

"I guess that makes you smile?"

why would it? im not a fan of this type of stuff from either side.

Eonjay1484d ago

So the Doritos and Mountain Due is really a thing.

SouljAx3601484d ago

COD Advanced Warfare: Mountain Dew & Doritos Edition

Automatic791484d ago

That COD Xbox One bundle at that Price is sweet. 1tb says hello.

holdmyown831484d ago

Got the mtn dew cod editions from wal mart last night. Lemonade flavor (not good at all) and a cherry flavor. Weird they are now at wal mart