Benign with B-TEN: 2015, The Year Our Wallets Die

Host Gabe Carey joins Patrick Toworfe, James Daly, and Dan Isaksson to discuss the 2015 year in video games. And there’s a lot to discuss.

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Bhuahahaha1673d ago

mine already died last late semptember

Spenok1673d ago

Lol yeah, September was a pretty big hitter, though Oct was bigger for me. Next month won't be too easy either. And next year? Yeah I'm screwed. xD

Haru1673d ago

PS4 alone has like oveer 10 AAA exclusive coming in 2015 Not to mention all the other big multiplatform gaming too.

DigitalRaptor1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

Damn right son.

The indie games alone are going to be abusing my poor, poor wallet, but add in the PS4's AAA exclusive massacre and the AAA multiplats, as well as the many games I have on my wishlist for Wii U, Vita, PC and 3DS - it's going to be impossible to enjoy my hobby to the fullest.