Is DriveClub the first disappointing PlayStation 4 exclusive?

So far Sony has had almost unprecedented success with the PlayStation 4. In its first year, the console has greatly outsold the Xbox One and has sold well over 10 million units (as of August 2014).

Sony’s first party PlayStation 4 games have all been quite successful, with one exception: Knack, which was more of a tech demo and wasn’t heavily promoted, despite being a launch game.

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Applejack1677d ago

The game itself is fun but I can't see myself playing it more than a few hours at a time. It's not really disappointing to me but the whole network issue that still plagues this game is.

Abash1677d ago

I always find myself returning to Driveclub as I play The Evil Within, the racing is just a blast with the sense of speed it gives. The server issues were the only disappointment, but everything else is great.

I love the cars and tracks, and can't wait for the weather update. I really dont see how anyone cant enjoy the game

deaddragonz1677d ago

The ONLY reason Im not playing driveclub, is because I bought The Evil Within a few days later. I can't wait to get back to Driveclub.

VforVideogames1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Really? I played this game for a day and a half and that was enough for me, the way gameplay is on this game even makes you forget about how great graphics are.

UltimateMaster1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Are we really acting like there wasn't any disappointing exclusive games on the PS3?

Driveclub certainly isn't as bad as the reviews give it. I give it a 7/10. No more no less.

Obviously, the lack of online on Day-1 was disappointing, not getting the free PS+ edition wasn't all that good either.

Gameplay-wise, it's pretty solid. The weather system was one of the main attractions and I've yet to play it. It would get 8/10 for that weather alone.

They should have gone further with the game, allowing people to customize their engine, transmission, props, things like that beyond just a paint job.

CoTton_MoUtH1677d ago

Agreed!!! What I don't understand is why are you only able to race with only 10-15 cars outta the 50 cars that come in the game.

Mega241677d ago

Because each car is on a different class.

user56695101677d ago

few hours at a time is not a little bit. what do yall do all day. i didnt play it but it seems like a ok game, its just fanboys was hyping it up as the greatest thing since sliced bread

glennhkboy1676d ago

From what I've read, you need to unlock the rest thru online matches.

born_naughty1675d ago

Happy to see someone was thinking the same thing I was. There isn't any game I could play for more then a few hours at a time. Applejack has so much time and he's still using it to complain.

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Spenok1676d ago

I wonder if I will find it at all disappointing. Though I am still waiting on the free PS+ edition.

Spotie1676d ago

As long as you have a reasonable approach to the game, and as long as you're not an Xbox fanboy like half the people in here- I know you're not- then you'll probably enjoy it.

I know I do.

The-Matrix-has-you1676d ago

I just completed all 250 Stars in the single player portion of the game. It is a blast once you get a hang of the controls and the way cars drive differently. If you are a racing fan then you will enjoy the game. It is also quite rewarding despite not having much customization. The graphics are great too.

Magicite1676d ago

It depends how much You expected from it. You cant get disappointed by something You didnt place high hopes on to.

Foehammer1676d ago

Based on your comment at 2.1.5 where you trolled FH2, lol...

You are very disappointed

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jc121676d ago

Its too bad, i was really hyped for this game. Im still looking forward to the + edition, I just dont know how long im going to have to wait...

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LOGICWINS1677d ago

Shadowfall was disappointing as hell singleplayerwise. It was inferior to KZ2/KZ3 in terms of variety, plot, and setpieces. The A.I was arguably worse as well. KZ2 had better villians and the final level/boss fight with Radec is one of my most memorable moments last gen.

KZ3 broke up the tedium of shooting by allowing you to use mechs and having a level (Jungle Valley) where stealth was almost mandatory. The MAULR boss battle, despite being a bit too easy, was very rewarding. The inclusion of Sharphooter compatibility also made the game extremely immersive.

Besides the visuals, nothing stood out about Shadowfall. I suppose the MP was decent, but I stop playing it after a week whereas I played KZ2 for months.

DVS-Zev1677d ago

Yeah SF was by far the worst KZ (SP at least) Had fun with the MP, no complaints there.

Interesting you didn't mention what i thought was hands down the worst part, undoubtedly, the horrible level design.

It's like camera work in a film.You never notice it unless it's really bad.Agree with your other points tho.Have high hopes for the next KZ.Echo was pretty badass and i'd love to play as her next go around.

LOGICWINS1677d ago

YES! The level design was crap as well. KZ3s snow level was fantastic compared to anything in Shadowfall. Loved Echo too!

CertifiedGamer1676d ago

Echo is about the only good thing in the game.

Jaqen_Hghar1677d ago

For a man the Killzone games go KZ2>KZ: Shadowfall>>>KZ>KZ 3

A man found the more open environments and set-pieces in shadowfall to be more fun than any Killzone except 2 which was just exceptional.

mooper501677d ago

^^ Jaquen has it spot on.

KZ3s non movable spawns turned into pointless choke points and lets not forget about those mortars! those two things ruined it for me. KZ has always been about the MP imho, and shadowfall delivered. Everything I want in an online FPS is in shadowfalls MP, and done well. Its not groundbreaking but still feels like KZ to me, and plays well too. Again, just my humble opinion :)

Mega241677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

I think the story was alright for Shadowfall, it was a stand alone in the series, like every standalone, not everyone will like it. I felt the game had like a goldeneye style of objectives.

For me goes in an order, KZ:SF=KZ>KZ:Merc>KZ3> KZ2>KZ:Lib. But I love all the stories of KZ, Rico is a badass from the start.

Edit: I forgot Liberation lol.

callahan091676d ago

I loved Killzone 2 and 3, SF was kind of a disappointment. I expected it to be better because of the 4-way touchpad control options and how they would implement strategy into the gameplay (the OWL, the force field, the zipline, etc.) That feature looked so awesome and it really opened the doors to revolutionize the gameplay of the series, and in a lot of ways, it truly did, some of the strategy and action in the game is just downright amazing because of that, but the problem is, the level design, on average, was so undercooked and underdeveloped feeling, it was just... not an interesting set of levels. I loved the level designs in KZ2 & 3, that's really what MADE those games, just brilliant, awesome level designs. SF really dropped the ball in that department.

qwerty6761677d ago

its hard to say

every exclusive they've released so far has been met with criticism from enough people to warrant it credible

but i guess thats like any game, but i'd say sony still hasnt released that killer "AAA" exclusive that has been extremely well received.

i'd say the only exclusive from either side to do that is probably FH2.

driveclub however is probably their worst, so many fails happened which is sad to see. an extra year for this game only to see it released like this.

Jaqen_Hghar1677d ago

except FH2 is cross-gen

A man is sure LBP3 will get great scores but will that count since it's cross-gen?
As long as you're consistent that's fine except a man is guessing you're not because TLoU Remastered is rated 95 on meta right now

LOGICWINS1677d ago

I'm sure LBP will be well received as it has always been, but its never had the mass appeal of a Gran Turismo, Uncharted, or God of War.

TLOU: Remastered is awesome and I can't wait to replay it on my Xperia Z3 at some point, but I wouldn't say its a MUST have if you've already played it on the PS3. I'm shocked at how much of a difference 60fps made.

As of now, the PS4 exclusives I'm looking forward to are Bloodborne, UC4, Until Dawn, and the Rachet and Clank Collection.

typittt691677d ago

FH2 on xbox 360 is a different game than on xbone. That doesn't count as cross gen. Check out Digital Foundry comparison, you'll understand.