Naughty Dog Concept Artist’s Renders, Images and Personal New IP “Showtime” Look Fantastic

It’s no mystery that Naughty Dog gathers incredible talent from all over the world, and Concept Artist Maciej Kuciara definitely is no exception. His work on The Last of Us contributed to creating the mood of the game’s world, but his personal artwork is possibly even more interesting.

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lelo2play1462d ago

I agree. Maciej Kuciara is a great concept artist... but he's not exclusive to Naughty Dog. He's worked on other games and movies...

shammgod1461d ago

That is clearly stated in the article...thanks for reiterating.

imtheman20131462d ago

I loooooooooove the Cyber Punk feel of these!

user56695101462d ago

yeah the art work of this artist is crazy. it makes you think what games would we have if the artist had more input in the direction of how the game is designed. we maybe would have more interesting gameplay.

ramiuk11462d ago

pics 12 and 13 i love the setting

Spenok1462d ago

Oh man I would LOVE to see what ND could do with a sci-fi setting like this. DO IT Naughty Dog!

This is some amazing concept art.

Gamer19821461d ago

Damn this guy has done Crysis 1 and 2 and Last Of Us so knows how to make great concepts. The games listed are among the best looking of their generation if not the best. So I am excited for what Naughty Dog do with these would love a sci-fi cyberpunk game from them too.. These pics are mindblowing..

BallsEye1461d ago

Amazing work of Maciej and as usual on n4g, misleading title. He's more of a freelancer doing work for tons of companies and happened to do some concepts for Last of Us.

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placiid1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

I wish, it would be amazing if naughty dog did something like this.

Heavenly King1462d ago


qwerty6761462d ago

urgh so i thought this was art for their new ip.

misleading title or im just not reading it right.

GameDev11462d ago

Title clearly states Personal new IP as in the artist's ip not ND

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The story is too old to be commented.