#GamerGate: ‘Nowhere On My Site Does It Say We Are Journalists’ Says Destructoid Owner

One Angry Gamer "After Pinsof’s story got out, Destructoid owner Yanier “Niero” Gonzalez stepped forward to issue his take on the situation. He wanted people to know what his site stood for and the difficulty in making the decisions that he made."

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animegamingnerd1678d ago

-_________- really Destructoid really that might just be the dumbest quote of this whole incident

AngelicIceDiamond1678d ago

That's just them trying to duck out of #Gamergate. Please the whole industry is effected by this cut the self righteous bullshit act Destructoid.

Spenok1677d ago

Honestly though, you don't have to be a "Journalist" to get into a site like Destructoid. You just have to have good writing skills (that's subjective.... JUST like reviews right? lol). I know several people who started with their own blog or free site who know have gigs at big name sites. They have absolutely no schooling or experience otherwise. So again, not necessarily Journalists, just people who enjoy to write and have their word heard.

donthate1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Apart from the headline trying to get rise out of you, reality is if you read the story and read between the lines, it is clear what is going on.

It is an insubordinate employee, and an employeer discussing with his peers what to do. As a "boss" myself, there are situations that I want to handle professionally, yet might not have experienced before so I ask my peers in the industry.

I also, don't think gaming is big enough to have serious "journalists" with a degree that went to school and at least discussed some of this ethical topics. Heck, even if they discussed it, it is far to easy to fall on the dark side.

"Real journalists" do it all the time let alone amateur hobby journalists.

Regarding Gamgergate and those opposing. I think both has it's points, but I think the extremes on both sides are the problem.

Mr Pumblechook1677d ago

"Nowhere on my site does it say we are journalists."

I interpret this as meaning my 'staff and I do not have to hold ourselves to the same ethical standards of journalist.'

Shocking. I just read the whole article about the black balling and everything.

NewMonday1677d ago


the problem is not the firing, it was the blacklisting

cabbitwithscissors1677d ago

So when he went to all those trade shows and game exhibitions, did he identify himself as a so called "Journalist" ?

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3-4-51677d ago

Journalist or not, Your a Human Being.

As a Human, your NOT SUPPOSED TO LIE.

3-4-51677d ago

* Article from Polygon on FRONT PAGE of Yahoo right now.

You can't comment on it ( of course), so America gets to read ONLY THEIR Side of the story, which is LEAVING OUT FACTS.

* I said it 2-3 days ago but I wasn't sure.

Polygon + Yahoo are in this together and are at the forefront of this.

They just outed themselves....

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1678d ago

Translation : "No where does it say we are professional in any capacity, therefore we have no credibility now!"

Godmars2901678d ago

More like we never had any credibility and you were stupid for ever listening to us.

Eonjay1678d ago

Agreed and furthermore if this account is correct they also broke the law through collusion. So not only are they not professionals, they are also criminals. One wonders how any critique the deliver can be trusted.

So much fraud.

2cents1677d ago


my head hurts trying to follow this breadcrumb trail of he said she said nonsense.

Just sound like a bunch of kids who grew up deciding to be game journo's but didn't actually pay any attention in class. So much immaturity, corruption, back stabbing and lies. I don't trust any of these guys.

I just want to read about games, their design aesthetics, new technologies, exciting changes, new experiences and thought provoking opinion pieces. I don't want to read about feminism and games, unscrupulous practices, bias writing and who got a death threats today from an antisocial twat from the interntz.

These sites have been contributing so heavily to the next gen console war, they have been very instrumental in causing wide spread FUD regarding anything to do with our favourite pastime. And we have just been lapping it all up, puppets dancing to the pulls of their strings.

We need to wake up and stop letting these idiots dictate our emotions, their own game of click-baiting has led to a very unpleasant climate on almost every gaming forum. It's just stupid. Everywhere I look, gamers are arguing with each other over the most stupid sh1t, they have got us right where they want us.

rainslacker1677d ago

Guess a prerequisite for ethical behavior is calling yourself a journalist.

Being a reporter of the news, IMO, is enough to warrant having some code of ethics, but guess I don't know what's what.

If they just want to be game bloggers, then whatever, if they can easily admit they don't care about having an ethical standard, just means I don't have to take whatever they say seriously, so better off just getting whatever they report from a site that tries to have ethical behavior.

-Foxtrot1678d ago

How can people go against GamerGate when this kind of shit keeps pouring out.

I mean they do actually research and journalism while sites create anti GG articles at the same time to try and shut it down instead of creating logically well thought out arguments against it.

Godmars2901678d ago

Because its not being reported by the popular media. So long as the organizations like the Times and the Guardian side with anti-#GG, that narrative will be the most popular.

There's also the added BS given that since pro-#GG is about journalistic integrity, if that ever does manage to become the popular argument people are going to be asking why those news groups took the stances they did.

HighResHero1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Fortunately, most don't believe those big anti-GG articles and are calling them out. It can be seen whenever the comments aren't censored. So they may be guiding the ("journalistic") narrative but they are all continuing to lose their credibility together.

WilliamUsher1678d ago

We're trying to get the YouTubers to talk about this. That's all we need: for people to talk about this.

If you think this is bad, there are some other things coming up... ugly things.

But take note, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

#GamerGate wanted to root out corruption and so that's what's happening.

Blacktric1677d ago

"there are some other things coming up... ugly things."

This is coming from one of the people who dropped the "GameJournoPros mailing list" bomb. And now I'm hyped...

radler1678d ago

Because utterly insane social justice warriors have been pushing some ridiculous agenda that equates people supporting gamergate to misogynists. It's a bizarre mess of a situation, to be honest, which isn't helped by Anita Sarkeesian faking death threats to further her career and popularity.

For some reason, when the Zoe Quinn scandal broke a lot of social justice warriors jumped to her defense rather than taking the time to stop and think about how people were disgusted by the nepotism, rather than the fact that she's a woman. It's stupid, but Anita saw an opportunity for publicity and the whole thing has spiraled out of control at this point. Gamergate supporters have been vilified and now less people want anything to do with the movement. In a way, it's kind of fascinating to see how public opinion was so easily manipulated and turned against those wanting honesty and openness, but it's also a little depressing.

korona151677d ago

faking death threats? damn you guys are living in a fantasy world. i feel sorry for how delusional you are. you might want to think about living in the real world for once. gamergate....what a pathetic movement full of whiny losers :)

ManAnimalX1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )


Its how the secret government works....they control EVERYTHING,

They have an agenda to bring everyone to heel.
under there satanic and disgusting socialist bee hive mentality.

Why do you think they push "Hollywood style" AAA games and push multi player so hard in most games, its cause there trying to standardize and make everything a social experience where you no longer think critically for yourself but think the way you have been incrementally programed to think....

and its easy to do when you condition the masses 1st, then anyone who wants to think outside of their standards will be marginalized by the populace they have brainwashed.

People like this Anita twat are just agents of there agenda.

They come to bring us all to heel. beware.

Activemessiah1678d ago

Polygon will probably use this quote as well...

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