FIFA 15 – Best Goals of The Week – Episode 1

Here is our first FIFA 15 Best Goals of The Week Episode. Every week a new video!

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nutcase131673d ago

These are just average goals, im pretty sure you can play an online match and see these goals all the time. Hardly the top 5...

GreenGamers1672d ago

We are no experts in FIFA or anything. Subscribe and watch us get better :)

GreenGamers1672d ago

changed it to Goals of The Week, because people expect the most amazing goals ever when u put Best in the Title.

nutcase131671d ago

dude, sorry to offend you or anything, but maybe think about getting some really awesome goals, these goals are just *meh*, only then will you get favorable reviews.

ziratul1672d ago

here is my goal with Edin Dzeko, better than any in that video:

exnoob1671d ago

Terrible. Those are some of the most common goals in Fifa.

GreenGamers1671d ago

next video is gonna be much better. Thanks for the feedback.