Watch Dogs Wii U: What's Different?

Bryan Dawson (Prima Games): Watch Dogs was one of the first next generation (read: current generation) games to wow the community. When it was first announced at E3 2012, it generated a lot of discussion due to its graphical prowess and overall scope. For quite some time, it was arguably the most anticipated next generation launch title, with a PlayStation 4 launch bundle primed and ready to go. However, when the game was delayed, consumers had to find other games to pass the time.

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marloc_x1487d ago

Gonna enjoy playing this over coffee in my kitchen..

Metallox1487d ago

But don't spend 60 dollars in this version...

marloc_x1487d ago

But I'm sick of Just Dance 4..


R00bot1487d ago

You can't be sick of Just Dance, that's all Nintendo fans want according to Ubisoft.

herbs1487d ago

Good call Ubisoft delay your game and then release it the same week as Smash Bros smart move. Almost as smart as the whole Raymond Legends fiasco.

ashcroft1486d ago


"Raymond Legends"


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chronoforce1487d ago

6 months for off tv play and an map.

wonderfulmonkeyman1487d ago

Yeah, I don't buy that bullshit, either.
At this point, I'm praying that a smaller indie/third party has the nerve to stand up and say that they want to take Ubisoft's place in the hearts of Wii U owners by making games that are actually done right and worth owning.

I'd back any company that could live up to such a grand claim with every last scrap of spare cash I could pull together.

LOL_WUT1487d ago

Honestly what more could they have done with the gamepad that they haven't already done with ZombieU or Rayman Legends? Its these little inconveniences that set them back in the first place. And for what so most of you guys wouldn't even purchase it. ;)

R00bot1487d ago

It's not that they're not using the GamePad well, it's that it's taken in them six months to make this version, with such marginal improvements.

Neonridr1487d ago

had this game released alongside the others, it stood a fighting chance.

Now, with the delay and the luke-warm reactions to this game, it is DOA.

ZombiU used the gamepad in a lot better ways than a map.

R00bot1487d ago

Lucky devs behind this one, eh? They could have had it running well with the map and off tv play in weeks and then just sat back.

kwandar1487d ago

Not true. The coding for the Wii U is different too. Plus you have to QA all that, and coming from a software company, I know how long that can take. We don't like shipping new versions for exactly that reason.

I'm planning to pick up this and Bayonetta 2. Anyone who wants M games on the Wii U should certainly consider doing the same.

Just as Deus Ex was the definitive version on the Wii U, I fully expect Watchdogs definitive version to be on the Wii U as wel.

Alinea1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

they could of also put in DLC but there is none, I would consider if it contained DLC already with the game to make up $60 but they didnt do that either.

They could of dropped the price tag on it. They didnt do that either.

They could of delayed the others if it really needed more time like they did with Rayman Legends.

I wouldnt care if the gamepad was simply another screen, this just nothing more than to nickle and dime for wii u users.

I canceled my preorder for the game and moved that preorder money for bayonetta 2 instead, if im going to support ANY game, I want the fair treatment. Platinum games did far better to receive my money with their game and as a third party company as well than Ubifail did with removing content and making silly gamepad features over a 6 month period

they practically did nothing to make up for this, and instead they rub salt in the wound.

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Realplaya1487d ago

lets everyone keep our opinions about the game to ourselves. There are people who want to play so complaining about 6 months later or not what else did we think would happen.

MSBAUSTX1487d ago

Maybe a small price cut, more features using the game pad the way other games have, and some good DLC support. Other than that youre right nothing to expect from a full 6 months worth of extra development from a developer that was supposed to be the biggest supporter of the Wii U..... (rolls eyes)

Realplaya1487d ago

Oh I am not saying we shouldn't have gotten more but it's Ubisoft. If they cannot hit 1080P 60FPS on any of their PS4 games did you really expect them to put extra work in?

PigPen1487d ago

Why? This is the place to voice your opinion.

MSBAUSTX1487d ago

Not hitting 1080P 60 FPS on the Wii U is at the bottoms of things to complain about Ubisoft for. That was my point. However if it is a game you want and would enjoy, then i hope you have fun playing it. However, For a large portion of Wii U owners, the fact they even bother to release it is just a slap in the face and an inevitable excuse to discredit the Wii U even more when it fails miserably completely at the fault of Ubisoft themselves.

randomass1711487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

They're releasing it the same month as Smash too. No Wii U owner is paying attention to this game. :/

weekev151487d ago

I was planning on getting it 6 months ago having purchased every mature Ubi game but not interested now because of my awesome backlog. Will get it in bargain bins next year, maybe a little 6 month delay on purchasing...

Geekman1487d ago

*Looks at Ps4 copy*


PigPen1487d ago

:-)Looks at your avatar & user name :-)

:-) Laughs :-).

Locknuts1487d ago

I would too if I bought that rubbish. Then I'd cry.

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