Kingdom Hearts 3 First Look (Prima Games)

Bryan Dawson (Prima Games): One of the most highly anticipated games of all time sent fans into a frenzy at E3 2013 when Square Enix announced Kingdom Hearts 3. It's well over a year later and we still don't know much about the upcoming collaboration between Square Enix and Disney Interactive Studios. However, we know enough to whet your appetite, so let's take a look at what Square Enix is cooking up for the next installment in the Kingdom Hearts series.

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98xpresent1464d ago

Lol my heart was beating so fast

Magicite1463d ago

Yep, I was happy back then..

NotAFanboyJustReal1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

I'm pretty sure this series is for 15 year old teeny boppers who wear anime shirts everyday, are covered in pimples, and die their hair black trying to fit in.

TheLyonKing1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

I smell a troll haha
It's a fantastic game, complex story, great characters, a bit of nostalgia, fantastic battle system.

I am 22 I was 11 when the first game came out. I have been waiting for the end of the series for so long.

I was at home living with my parents and starting secondary school (In Scotland)

Now I have a long term girlfriend, a house and a job.

Time flies when you wait.

mikeslemonade1463d ago

The visuals are too sub-par. You gotta be kidding with me. It looks like they just "remade" the game. No excuse for how inferior the graphics are looking.

kingdomtriggers1464d ago

Be careful not to cut yourself with all that edge kid.

bouzebbal1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

KH fanbase is over 20-25 years old.
teens are playing angry birds, not kongdom hearts

the article is very deceiving.

lategamer1463d ago

And what are you? A grown man insulting people over the internet? Real mature.

Irishguy951463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

Its for kids definitely yes. Adults can enjoy it too if they can stand the cringiness and childishness of it. Same thing as Ni no Kuni but more childish.

Yes I do, i've played KH series(besides 356/2 days or whatever) and NnK WoTWW. They are made for kids, 'childlike' is the term. You underestimate the ability of kids to play hard games. Weren't you playing hard games since you were a child? I thought most gamers have that weren't casuals as kids. Unfortunately for me I can't handle the cringes and cheesiness of those games anymore. It's my loss but I just can't do it, makes me too..."Oh come on for **** sake". Just seems to be a certain level of cheesiness I can't stand anymore.

TheLyonKing1463d ago

I don't think you realise how hard both ni no kuni and kh is.

Kids can play it but they will have a hard time following the story and progressing through certain things.

elninels1463d ago

Im a 21 yr old coach, instructor, basketball player, smoker, dropout. I effing love everything kingdom hearts.

Kumomeme1463d ago

some idiot trying to looks clever hahahaha

poor you
poor your life

Kumomeme1463d ago

haha this @mikeslemonade really doesnt know anything

before he said soul series had no soul,dry and whatever die to his incapabilites to play the game,
and he compare it with the last of us highest difficulty to defend himself which is bullshit comparison

now he talk about kingdom heart?sub-par?which is?HD remake?
org you mean those KH3 target render?

bhahahaha poor guy,doesnt know anything but trying to prented know it

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Patrick_pk441463d ago

I was expecting a new video or something. Nothing new here, don't even bother.

qwerty6761464d ago

i remember watching that video awhile ago, wasnt to impressed.

i tried to get into the series, beat the the first one and played through the second,

but the plot just got so ridiculous and silly it turned into a mess. everything now about the 13 darkness vs the 7 light i mean its all over the place its turned to nonsense

TheLyonKing1463d ago

I agree the story is a bit messy, if you play all the games and follow it closy it makes sense apart from Xeonort suddenly being able to go backwards in time and get all the xeonorts together that's a bit stupid and lazy writing.

Spore_7771463d ago

Why do people not interested in a game come and bash it in the comments?

Every KH fan (on average, not a teen) is super excited about this game. Cannot. Wait.

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