1UP: Battlefield: Bad Company Review

Gears of War's cover and concealment and BioShock's Plasmid abilities are concepts around which developers designed whole games. Concepts, not gimmicks, because gimmick connotes cheapness, because gimmick implies a ruse or last resort, as in the game isn't good enough on its own and needs something extra to sell it. Neither of the features named above fits that bill. You can't grouse about Plasmids apart from BioShock's other qualities since both the first-person shooter's enemies and frozen or flooded environments thoroughly tie into the player's fire and electric powers. Battlefield: Bad Company's destructible buildings, trees, terrain, and bridges ought to amount to something of similar magnitude.

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PoSTedUP4745d ago

not bad. i still rather get topspin 3. call of duty is the only war sim that goes in my collection. the demo was iight though.

evilmark2204745d ago

man your wrong call of duty 4 was good but battlefield bad company will be so much better

PoSTedUP4745d ago

my opinion is wrong? hmm..