13 important moral lessons as taught to us by games

GR: Video games aren't usually the first port of call when it comes to learning a new life skill. After all, what can a mish-mash of crazy polygons possibly teach me about tolerance, or charity, or why I should maybe stop replacing other people's packed lunches with violent swarms of insects? "Hahaa! You've just been 'bee'd' Larry! In your alarmingly swollen face!"

The thing is, video games are actually an incredibly helpful source of ethical advice. And no, I'm not talking about Grand Theft Auto here (but thanks for reading, 'alarmed parent's group campaigner'). No, what I'm actually harping on about are those kinds of titles that teach us all a little something about compassion, or ingenuity or kindness. Some take an overt approach, nailing their chosen morals to the mast, while others offer us a plethora of messages, to be mulled over and sorted out ourselves. The following list is comprised of 13 such games, and the moral lessons they share. Enjoy.

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BABY-JEDI1461d ago

Is this like the old He-man cartoons where he tears apart the bad guys then says ' kids you should grow up to be good boys & girls'?

SteamPowered1461d ago

Meh, I would rather have that than whatever the hell passes for cartoons these days. I have a cache of 80's cartoons for when the kids are old enough.

BABY-JEDI1461d ago

TMNT cartoon on Nickelodeon is pretty AWESOME dude. My baby boy will vouch for that (& me LoL). Story's & character development/interaction really good, also new characters introduced ect.

The Killer1461d ago

FFX is a memorable game. Wish to play it again!

Spenok1461d ago

HD remaster man, HD remaster. I got mine on Vita. Loved it all over again.