6 problems that only PlayStation gamers will understand

PSGamer: The PS4, PS3 and PSVita are all brilliant gaming machines but like every console, they have issues. Some of these issues are shared by all game consoles and others… well, they are exclusive to PlayStation and Sony. These problems range from mild annoyances to rage inducing faults. Without further ado, here are the 6 problems that only PlayStation Gamers will understand.

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GreenUp1679d ago

1. SOCOM is dead
2. SOCOM is dead
3. SOCOM is dead
4. SOCOM is dead
5. SOCOM is dead
6. SOCOM is dead

Someone revive SOCOM.

Omac_brother1679d ago

Amen. I wonder if Sony exec's ever come to N4G and read all the SOCOM love/lament and wonder "Why the hell did we close Zipper?"

thorstein1679d ago

Completely agree.

MAG was a blast, and I think it would be even more amazing on the PS4. It was ahead of its time for consoles.

SnackAttacker1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Omac - Nice try with 6 different 1 paragraph pages. Not clicking on this trash.

Can someone please copy and paste the article in here so that nobody else has to click?

ShinMaster1679d ago

Umm... because SOCOM 4 happened

SonyWarrior1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

WTF MAG, PS all stars and warhawk DOA? I think not I played them all online and they were very populated especially warhawk... I never log in to PSN down, the only annoyance i have is when i want to watch netflix but have to update firmware first. My DS4 controler under heavy use the thumb pads still look new... and yes SOCOM 2 was one of my altime favorite games but after that SOCOMwent down the tubes with the constant changes to the core gameplay. but for us SOCOM 2 fans we have a game coming out called H-Hour World's Elite its a spiritual successor to SOCOM 2 made by some of the same people that made SOCOM

bouzebbal1679d ago

the problem with "gamers", you show them something they overhype it and they end up turning their back to it. Socom, MAG and others got the same treatment.

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SaveFerris1679d ago

You may want to look into H-Hour: World's Elite

XisThatKid1679d ago

Spiritual successor to SOCOM 2 right?!

Back-to-Back1679d ago

You mean that low budget kickstarter game that is going to Steam first? That game will flop harder than Socom 4.

DigitalRaptor1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

@ Back-to-Back

When you put your game on Kickstarter, it's usually with a view to getting it made rather than making tons of money from it. SOF Studios have already made enough from the Kickstarter to make and support both PC and PS4 versions from its release in 2015 and several DLC add-ons over the course of around 2 years after that. It's has more than enough potential to fill that SOCOM void that many fans have been missing for years.

The game will live or die by its community, but it's still being made and that's what the fans and the devs truly care about. It can't "flop" on that basis.

meatnormous1679d ago

If they would do a re release of the Socom games like microsoft are doing with halo, I know people would be all over it. Socom 2 with updated graphics would be a dream come true.

spence524901679d ago

Great name, great post. Bring back socom!!!!

HaveAsandwich1679d ago

no its not. h-hour just went into full production recently.

jocomat91679d ago

agreed but i never got to try socom 1 or 2. i would like to

Funantic11679d ago

Don't revive Socom if it's anything like the last one on PS3. That was one of the worst games that came out that year. Even the reviews were bad. I thought Zipper shut down the studios after that game. I'm not 100% sure but if Socom was brought back they should stick to the formula they used on the first two.

DigitalRaptor1679d ago

H-Hour: World's Elite.

David Sears.


InTheZoneAC1679d ago

accidently disagreed

Socom 4 was horrible

Socom Confrontation was great after the patches/DLC and pre-system wide hack

/6 wasn't given a fair chance either as they had never done a ps3 game and had limited time to get it right. They did a great job though, definitely communicated with the community better than Zipper ever did.

Maddens Raiders1679d ago

Played the hell out of Confrontation after the patches and ended up playing it as much as I play BF4 now on the PS4 which is way way too much if you all my gf.

CaptainObvious8781679d ago

Surprised they didn't list forced parity.

But I guess it's not really a wide spread problem. It's only ubisoft that had the gall to do it.

NewGuy641679d ago

Probably because it only exists in the minds of sony fans that are wearing tinfoil hats on their heads. The rest of people don't give a flying fuck about any parity, because there isn't one.

CerealKiller1679d ago

Anyone know why they don't have the PS2 SOCOM games available for digital download?

CervantesPR11679d ago

1.Warhawk is dead
2.Twisted metal is dead
3.heavenly sword is dead
4.Crash bandicoot is dead
5.SOCOM is dead
6.parappa the rapper is dead


jspsc1231679d ago

they tried with twisted metal but by the time online was fixed everyone had moved on

nitus101679d ago

The above games games you mentioned probably won't be revived either as upgraded and re-released or new IP. Of course that is up to the game producers, after all they are in the business of making profits for their shareholders.

As for the games you mentioned I only liked "Heavenly Sword" (not everyone likes what you like) and could not care less if they make a squeal. In fact and many will disagree with me here the only game I would like to see new IP on is Skyrim which is "Elder Scrolls V" so I would love to see "ES VI".

Note. I am aware there is "Elder Scrolls on-line" for the PS4. However I personally don't like subscription games no matter how good?? they are.

NewGuy641679d ago

All those franchises are dead for a reason. Because they were horrible and should stay dead.

NukaCola1679d ago

@ Cereal

Well Sony Bend is making a PS4 game. Maybe we will see a revival of the series.

bouzebbal1679d ago

8. Medievil is dead
9. WipEout is dead
10. Jak & Daxter is dead

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tommygunzII1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Love the name and avatar.

SOCOM died so fast I have to believe there was some outside influence that contributed to it. It went from being one of Sony's biggest titles to being swept under the rug and never brought up again. Something about the situation seems fishy.

Would love to still be playing, I haven't taken a shooter seriously since SOCOM 3. All shooters anymore are too casual for me, or maybe it's just the respawning that creates the casual atmosphere. Either way, shooters have changed..

USMC_POLICE1679d ago

I agree with you 1,000,000 percent. Socom died because they made socom 4 call of socom. I would play for hours on end as a teen and would as an adult if i could. A thinking mans shooter no run and gun no "perks" Only thing it needed was realistic bullet drop. I can't wait for H-hour but for now I would recommend Sniper Elite 3 online it can be quite close to socom.

USMC_POLICE1679d ago

I jumped on warhawk last night still many people on it, i miss that game it should be a free to play on ps4

InTheZoneAC1679d ago

have you heard of H-Hour?

go look it up

some key devs from socom 1/2 are behind this game

64commando1679d ago

I don't think SOCOM is a thing in the real world anymore, I think it's called JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command)

user56695101679d ago

but some how the sony faithfuls didnt even support the devs when the started a kickstarter for the new game. they barely got pass the bar for a demo to show investors. im guessing that most of the money came from pc gamers, but somehow we dont support devs. its funny how that works.

DragonKnight1679d ago

@SnackAttacker - My comments will be in parenthesis

1: Unscheduled Maintenance (Not a playstation only problem)

2: Dualshock 4 Thumbsticks (No problems here)

3: PSN Store Updates (I only dislike how late in the day)

4: Scheduled Maintenance (Basically, Sony needs to not improve anything according to this, also see #1)

5: Dead On Arrival Exclusives (*sighing facepalm*)

6: The Popularity of the Xbox 360 Pad (I call B.S. on this one)

And there's all 6. Terrible list actually.

hkgamer1679d ago

pretty pathetic article aswell. i wish i had daw this list before seeing so many ads and pages read reading it all.

born_naughty1678d ago

Thanks for this, I was looking for someone to list it. Didn't want to give them the click(s).

I don't understand what 3 means though. They have to update right?

I have a question though. I could be wrong but I've never seen Xbox Live go offline for maintenance. They keep the service online while working on it?

origamikid1679d ago

Come on now. SOCOM had no respawns, you should know this by now ;)

randomass1711679d ago

Ah SOCOM... I miss that one. :(

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Ra30301679d ago

As a ex Xbox users that joined the Sony nation I welcome these problems no matter how many nor what ever they may be and the reason is simple I never, never ever have to deal directly with the biggest problem in all of gaming again and that problem is .......Microsoft! Sure no one like problems but you can't avoid them and you'd sure like to avoid the biggest of them all and with just a simple move to another console the Microsoft problem...solved. IMO

Omac_brother1679d ago ShowReplies(7)
DJustinUNCHAIND1679d ago

What a pathetic attempt at justifying your purchase.

DLConspiracy1679d ago

I don't think that's a problem. I believe they call that a choice. Your own choice to game half the places you could play with half as many games. Which is fine by me. I look at both these companies and use them to game. Great feeling not having to pick a side to rally for. Game freedom.

NewGuy641679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

I can't believe people believe the trolls that claim to get 8 RRODs...I've had 3 xbox 360s and ONE of them got a fried video card, but it wasn't a rrod. Two others still work. So does my brother's. That 4 systems and not a single RROD>

franwex1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

I've had 3 xbox360, and all of them RROD. After the 3th one I gave up on the 360. So it is quite possible that people had 8+ die on them too.

xx4xx1679d ago

Now they can add one more problem to the list.

You - the embodiment of the gaming sprite that thinks one company is the pinnacle of corporate greed while the other is a sanctuary that cares not about money but only the happiness of gamers.

bennissimo1679d ago

lol... Biggest problem only-Sony players have to deal with? No games for the PS4.

donthate1679d ago

There are some games, and I do get envious, but I own both and use mostly my Xbox One.

Biggest problem on PS4 is PSN. Goes down for "scheduled" maintenance, then some "unscheduled" maintenance and having to deal with issues like Driveclub and PS store, it is quite appalling that people don't call that out more, but hey a few missing pixels and the entire community blows up.

As a PS4 owner, I suggest we demand quality games and dedicated server on every multiplayer game instead.

bennissimo1679d ago

Yeah, PSN is pretty crappy, too.

My PS4 will be an ornament on my shelf until next year. Sucks, but it's true. On the other hand, I'll get Sunset Overdrive and the MCC for my X1 and happily sink myself into those. I pity the poor PS4-only folks... likewise, the X1-only folks.

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Kane221679d ago

I love how the article said that he didn't know about most of those games. so you never watch any of sony's' press conferences?? every game whether good or bad have all been shown at almost every conference sony has done. and that last one about the x button is just plain stupid.

Jaqen_Hghar1679d ago

He's talking about advertising not press conferences that happen a few times a year. Puppeteer had no commercials, same with Sly Thieves in Time. One of those was a new IP and the other hadn't had a release in 7 years. A man sold several people on Sly just by bringing its existence to their attention. Now a man bought both of them at launch and they were great values. Hell they were both $40 at launch. Have a few 30 second ads about it being a family friendly game available at a bargain price at launch and some gameplay and a man is sure they could have done 1m eventually especially with a holiday bundle or something. Instead they just show no confidence and expect everyone to tune into E3 or go on their website. Semi-casual audiences aren't going to do that but will buy the game in decent numbers if you show it. They advertise the hell out of Uncharted and that doesn't even need it (not that they shouldn't but do it for both).

Kane221679d ago

he did say. he's never heard of most of them. thats why i responded to that part.

sourav931679d ago

Although quite a few of those things might be true, does anyone else think this article is a stealth trolling piece?

1679d ago
il-JumperMT1679d ago

Too much free games to play

Ripsta7th1679d ago

Almost weekly maintainance