Trouble In Transition To New-Gen

The future of video gaming did not start the moment that the new-generation systems came out. The systems have had their launch problems, and even a year in there are still some promised features that have yet to appear. Hardware isn't alone. A few recent games' SNAFUs – from both the new generation and the old – prove that the transition of the generations isn't happening as smooth as it should.

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lifeisgamesok1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

It's been pretty smooth for me I dodged defective hardware and enjoy the games whether exclusive or multiplatform on Xbox One

D4 and Forza Horizon 2 are my current favs

Next year is already shaping up to be phenomenal

My only complaint is that cross gen needs to end to fully harness the potential of these consoles

Late last gen adopters have a catalog of titles they can buy for cheap if they aren't willing to upgrade

Ghost_Nappa1678d ago

Th only complaint I have about my xbox one is that the internet explorer app keeps crashing.

N4g_null1677d ago

This is what kills me. The internet on the wiiu actually supports games in the browser serious games too. Never crashes, yet ms is supposed to be known for better service online.

I am liking the xbone a little better simply because it is not over hyped. I hate when people lie to my face as if I'm stupid. We all know the power difference is not much even though the numbers are higher on the spec sheet. Ms just has a bad rep. I'm sure my wiiu browser would crash sooner or later just due to bad coding of pages eventually.

Yet nothing is more disappointing than the ps4 right now. I like the fact that it is keeping people in gaming but I'm afraid that good will is being abused. This could cause a lot of people to leave gaming. You can blame the media on not being even handed. The confusion spread about the wiiu being a controller came from places like kotaku. The ms drm and paid online was also them responding to what publishers wanted, the very thing people crucified nintendo over. Sony backed away from their own drm which goes all the way back to the root kit issues but pushed paid online thur. So far gamers are giving sony a free pass and are waking up to the fact that 3rd party might just suck this gen.... what are the exclusive releases looking like? So far sony is amassing a big catalog of mediocre exclusives 1st and 2nd party games. From knack, killzone to drive club. Some one please pray that blood borne is fun to play. Sony has always lacked that. Yet halo seriously is a big nodded to true fps addiction. I may not be a fan of it but it has shades of my favorite fps in it though. If I had to get a console right now I would actually go xbone. The cry of power is silly right now. Not when you can see what true power pcs have right now and then add the fact that no one is going to unleash that power except 1st parties..... so wait that means I can get powerful looking games but not powerful game play. I mean who are we kidding sony just can't do game play. They do movies and music. It's called the Playstation not the game station and rightfully so.

Hopefully sony can right their ship before their fanbase turns on them. If you are having a great time using the features of the ps4 then ignore the above. Yet the real gamers need games that are great games.

Is it possible that gamers and publishers are simply not willing to pay for high end gaming? The tech may go down in price but the work has went up.

I won't even address hardware-based issues after what has been going on since the ps2 then xbox then x 360 and then ps3 and the big hack.

I'm just hoping sony doesn't waste all of this good will.