FIFA 15 Gameplay Massively Changed Post October Update

Gamerscore Whores writes 'Did you hate the FIFA 15 demo? Are you a PES fan or FIFA defector? You might want to take a second look at FIFA 15 since the October 14th 2014 Update. The core gameplay has fundamentally changed and for the better if you are a fan of a simulated experience.

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1nsomniac1458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

Just finished playing it just now after it had updated itself. Played 2 week highlight games & a career game. I noticed absolutely no differences at all.

The comments that the guy in the video makes about certain aspects of the game make me think he hasn't even played it. Also I think it's only been made as a PES vs FIFA agenda.

There's nothing wrong with the game & hasn't been since release & it's still exactly the same. Don't waste your time with this video. If you want to play either games then play them ignore this guy.

Yi-Long1458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

There's a lot wrong with the game: It's simply nowhere near as good as the excellent FIFA14, sadly.

Keepers are very inconsistent, shooting is terrible, gameplay has gone back to being very frustrating simply because too often the players don't do as instructed, the collision-system is back to being complete crap, resulting in ridiculous penalties and cards, etc etc.

So no, it's far from great. It's a step back from last year's game in pretty much every aspect.

And I'm very disappointed with that, cause I bought it day 1.

I'm considering to sell it and just return to playing FIFA14, which I really enjoyed.

1nsomniac1458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

I don't agree at all. I think it's a million times better than FIFA 14 in pretty much every aspect.

Yes the goalkeepers, shooting & headers are slightly more difficult but that's a good thing & makes it more realistic as you have to concentrate more on positioning instead of just hitting the button & blind luck. It actually plays like a real football game now as you have to understand varying pace is key. Although the day 1 patch made the keepers a little inconsistent sometimes they should of left it how it was.

It has a HUGE amount less scripting as well so it's the first FIFA in a long, long time that actually does exactly what you tell it to do.

I would hate to go back to FIFA 14 now.

ecstaticpunk1458d ago

Been the same game since update, no changes at all still as easy to score and take on players last years entry was alot better this year it feels like they've targeted newbies, very disappointed.

Ju1458d ago

I don't understand that easy argument. Start a new team on pro and tell me it's easy again. I played a couple of careers on Pro in 14 and starting a new one on Pro in 15 just is frustrating. I just couldn't score. I have to try again now that I have a better team, but it sure isn't easier than 14. Semi-Pro, maybe, since I score 7x now regularly with the now better team. Time to switch back.

RedDevils1458d ago

Semi-pro lol try legendary, semi-pro I can net double digit without trying

Ju1458d ago

So what? Good for you. With that said, you can set the difficulty. And I bet the majority of players won't beat the hardest difficulty. So who ever complains, is either a master of the top class or doesn't know how to change the game difficulty.

thepluggy1458d ago

You mean world class instead of professional right? professional is way to easy,you win every game by about 4 or 5 goals.

MattE1458d ago

You need to be adjusting the settings on Fifa.. No point using defaults.

Go to settings and adjust sliders. You can get the game playing any way you want. Once you slow down pace/passing it feels like a different game.

Check out some of the forums online for different settings.

big_dom_part_21458d ago

Those sliders are one of the major reasons why Fifa is so flawed, or I'd even go as far as saying outright broken. They were just put in there as a cop out for the developer to say "Here, we don't have a fucking clue what we're doing with the gameplay. You can try and fix it for yourself." What a lot of bollocks. The fundamentals of the game have been going downhill since Fifa 09/10. They still haven't worked on simple AI that would make the game more varied and more realistic. There's no midfield game at all in this game, and EA think football is all about end-to-end counter attacking. Stop giving these clowns your money and maybe they'll have to fix the game.

Zefros1458d ago

Only problem i have wih the game is how everyone can just run from the defence, like if you are paying against real madrid, and face bale or ronaldo, you will have a hard time defending because the other player is just running faster. it's just to much, even if i eventually win the game, it's painful to conceed goals like that.