Amazon drops prices for several recent multiplatform PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games in sale

Amazon has dropped the prices on several recent multiplatform PS4 and Xbox One videogames, including Destiny ($47.91), Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor ($49.99) and Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition

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DarXyde3154d ago

Tempting as this is, I will take the risk of waiting until Black Friday. Still don't have Diablo III or Shadow of Mordor.

DoubleYourDose3153d ago

Okay. Thanks for the update. I anxiously await your next one.

DarXyde3153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

Well, at the moment, I'm finishing up some lab work and transcriptions. I hope to be done within the hour.

I've also been waiting for a constructive comment from you and trying to find published resources to help you out with your trolling since it's pretty weak. Couldn't find any so, instead, I offer you a resource on how to step out of yourself and change your ways.

Only 5 left in stock, so order soon. ;)

mikeslemonade3153d ago

You guys aren't very good deal searchers. Oh well, it's more deals for me. I could have had those games for less than that on release day.

DoubleYourDose3152d ago

Such a sensitive one. Try some diaper rash ointment.

DarXyde3152d ago (Edited 3152d ago )


Calm down, I'm not taking offense, but I'm calling it as I see it. That was a weak troll.

You seem a little salty that I shot back though.

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Forbidden_Darkness3153d ago

I am doing the same, I expect games like Diablo 3, Shadow of Mordor, and other games that have come out within the last couple months to drop to like $30. Seeing as most games have season passes or terrible online problems when they first comes out, waiting for price drops is the best bet for at least me anymore.

ramiuk13153d ago

Mordor is a MUST BUY!!

1st hour i was a bit overwhelmed by all the new stuff but after the 1st hour i was just WOW,nemesis system is amazing and makes u think about lvling up before u go all out,as you just make game really hard if you dont use statergy.
Closer towards the end i felt like an unstopable force it was awesome

UnwanteDreamz3153d ago

Great game not a cant miss. Rehashed combat system ala batman and AC, lackluster enviroment, and repetative missions. These things hold it back from being a must buy to me. I did buy the game though and have enjoyed it so far.

Retroman3153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )


HAAAAAAAAAAAA-that-was-sooooo o ooooo-fking-funny

book-"how-not-to-be-an-a sshole" se

Guwapo773153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

Diablo III is immense fun UNTIL you find out people can cheat to get gear by replicating and creating items. That's when I lost all desire to play. Unless you like playing solo of course...

A little upset over Shadow - I just bought that game last week...

PONTIAC08G8GT3153d ago

Diablo 3 is a must buy, the game is excellent. And yes, modded gear is bountiful in the game but if you play on lower level difficulties than you will find people with legit gear. To be honest, I've got a modded sword and rings, that's it. I like to play on the hardest difficulty possible and even doing 30 million damage it's still an absolute battle to the death. Some people come in with every piece of gear modded doing BILLIONS of damage.

Regardless, the game is still a lot of fun and very addictive. The updates and free content is amazing.

Jrmy843153d ago

That's hilarious, great troll smash.😂😂ԅ 14; The link was the icing on it.

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jriquelme_paraguay3153d ago

Isn't there a promotion, if you buy Destiny you get Advanced Warfare for free? Both games for 47usd in that case.

Forbidden_Darkness3153d ago

Nope thats for CoD: Ghosts and that seems to be for last gen versions only.

ThunderPulse3153d ago

CoD:Ghosts was a fun game but it wasn't a great CoD.

Funky Town_TX3153d ago

Picked up Middle Earth on PS4 ad for the same price. The game is cool so far.

kurochi3153d ago

Holding out 'til black friday for a Sony TV/PS4 bundle. I know they did it for the PS3 before, hoping to get a replacement TV from this....... C'mon Sony, don't let me down!!!