Far Cry 4 is "embracing the freedom even more," explains lead writer

At a recent preview event in Paris, Gamereactor caught up with Lucien Soulban, the lead writer on Far Cry 4, and discussed the story and setting of the next game in the series.

"What we ended up doing was actually embracing the freedom even more," Soulban explained. "We shifted over from having a story [in Far Cry 3] that was driven about the character, which means that the player is almost the chauffeur for all the actions that the character needs to do. And we shifted it over to say no, this in no longer about the character's story, this is the player's story."

"So what happens is the pacing is still there in terms of you have these missions, you're helping along the way, but what happens is we've put relevance on the open world... You can do the missions, you can do the open world stuff, and they still have relevance together."

The lead writer continued: "So what we wanted to make sure of is that at no point are you stepping out of the story... Everything is sort of interwoven. That really helps with the pacing because at no point do you feel you're not anywhere you're supposed to be."

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nucky641674d ago

everything I read about FC4 just makes me want it more....really excited to play this!

DasTier1674d ago

As seen by limiting the players access to the mountain areas...