Fallout 4: Deciding on Scale

Just how big should the game world be in Fallout 4? Well, most folks are familiar with the term “size isn’t everything” and it’s qualifying statement, “it’s how you use it”. This just so happens to be a rather apt turn of phrase for when we’re discussing open world games. For those of you that played the recently released Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, you probably noticed that the game world is a little on the empty side.

Granted, this is mostly because Mordor is a barren wasteland that just so happens to lend its geography rather kindly to the gameplay, but it still feels too empty at times. It’s important that Fallout 4’s world feels like a Fallout game, but it needs to be big, but it also needs to feel as though it’s not just empty space. A big empty map is no fun, a big map packed with adventure and danger however, is a different beast entirely.

One major concern is what goes into the map. Are we going to be adventuring in a monstrously large open world which is sparsely populated or are we going to be given a smaller map that’s more densely packed? It could go either way and both would be acceptable. In Fallout 3, my favorite area for exploration was the DC ruins.

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