Fallout 4: 10 Essential Features It Must Have

Sure it gave the series what it needed to leapfrog the competition and sit atop some of the greatest games of all time, but now as we look towards the next instalment there’s a wealth of questions that need answering, and key features that must be addressed along the way.

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-Foxtrot1676d ago

Wow I'm very impressed, an article like this which doesn't bring up silly co-op


Clown131676d ago

Co-op would destroy a game like Fallout, I don't see why people think it wouldn't.

-Foxtrot1676d ago

Because they don't think it through.

They think it's an easy to thing to add, like a flick of a button despite the fact it would take months and months of time away from other features they could of gotten finished on time just to add a feature so people can show off for a few hours, get bored then move onto a proper co-op/multiplayer game built up around co-op.

Not to mention the mission structures would have to be change completely, side missions and main missions so they would get both players involved.

It just isn't worth it. We have something like Borderlands and in the future who knows maybe we'll have another RPG online game but for now lets keep a few single player games alone.

Omnisonne1676d ago

Fallout (and The Elder Scrolls for that matter) are perhaps the most pure and versatile single player games for me.

Not to say that there isnt any room for experimenting, but if they do that it should be a seperate project much like The Elder Scrolls: Online.

Cause it would be really cool to have people build their own little settlements around the wasteland, and set up trading routes and stuff. But again, it might not work that well

Pogmathoin1676d ago

Number 11: A release date.

InTheZoneAC1676d ago

the way fallout is already set up makes it one of the best franchises ever.

I don't know why I don't play it more often, but it is easily one of my favorite games.

I'm sure you'll see dynamic weather, a more seamless experience.

This list is full of "minor" refinements which is to be expected from any new game. especially on a new gen system.

HaydenJameSmith1676d ago

Excellent Article, I completely agree with all points...

Fallout 4 is perhaps my most anticipated Next Gen RPG, that and probably Mass Effect 4


ED-E1676d ago

Bethesda working on a new project since 2010. They had at least 2 projects back then, one was in production for 2 years (which was released as Skyrim in 2011) and the other is still an unnanounced project.

Todd Howard said in 2014 they are VERY far from announcing a new game. Since usually a modern RPG is made in roughly 3 years, it smells terrible after an MMO....and I hope it's not an Fallout MMO. Even though I must admit I don't know how good "Elders Scrolls Online" is.

Heshton1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Online features are likely to get involved, after all it's 2015 soon. If Skyrim took 3-4 years, fallout 4 taking 5 years seems right as bethesda's own games have taken a bit longer each time. And that correlates with hours of gameplay (Skyrim was well over 200 incl. dlc) I bet fallout 4 will be close to 300 and the world will be largest to date. It's bethesda, it's likely to be goty like their last 3 games.

vgx announcement, 2015 fall release trust me

OH_u_DEAD1676d ago

absolutely necessary; extremely important.

(of a disease) with no known external stimulus or cause; idiopathic.

noun: essential; plural noun: essentials
a thing that is absolutely necessary.

so in other words unless they put in everything you listed the game is guaranteed to review horribly and sell like shit.